Kranti Redkar does a spoof on Salman’s Wanted action stunt in KUNI GHAR DETA KA GHAR

Kranti Redkar does a spoof on Salman’s Wanted action stunt in KUNI GHAR DETA KA GHAR

In the upcoming Marathi film of Sagar Bangera Production, KUNI DETA KA GHAR, Kranti Redkar, the lead actress performs an air jump fight scene with Bharat Jadhav which is a spoof of the stunt performed by Salman in Wanted. The rom-com Kuni Ghar Deta Ka Ghar has been produced by Hemant Bangera of Sagar Bangera Productions and directed by Rajesh Deshpande who has also penned story and the screenplay for the film. Rajesh Deshpande has also received ‘Best Comedy Writer Award’ from the ‘Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh’ for the play ‘Karun Gelo Gaav’.

Bharat Jadhav and Kranti Redkar play 2 lovers who run away from their families who are against the relationship. The story follows a hilarious twist of events which involves them running from goons sent by their families, etc. During one such fight scene Kranti does a flying air kick at the goons who try to capture with the help of Bharat Jadhav.

Kranti Redkar comments on her action stunt, “When the director explained the action scene to me, I was excited but a little nervous too. I had to be attached to a harness and do a 360 degree flying kick all the way wearing a nav-wari sari. But as I started rehearsing for the stunt, I got full pumped and energized and was all set to perform.” She adds, “This scene is a spoof of Salman’s blockbuster Wanted. It’s a real honor to be doing a spoof of an action scene coined by Salman Khan.”

Director Rajesh Deshpande comments, “The story line demanded some action scenes. Keeping with the comedy feel and theme, I wanted to make a spoof of a fight scene. The air kick one was done by Kranti and hats off, she has done a good job.”

The film also stars Viju Khote, Kuldeep Pawar, Vijay Chavan, Reema Lagoo, Deepak Shirke, Jaywant Wadkar, Kamlakar Satpute, Digambar Naik, Savita Malpekar, Kishor Pradhan, Shobha Pradhan,Varsha Tandle, Shubhangi Latkar, Vimal Mhatre, Suhas Palishkar, Chhaya Kadam and Shailesh Pithambre.

Bharat Jadhav
and Kranti Redkar play the roles of Kunal and Natasha respectively in this rom-com which is the genre of film Bharat and Kranti are very established in. The film follows the story of 2 lovers who run away from home to escape their families who are against this relationship. Add a wedding, a bunch of hilarious obstacles and we were left with a truly funny film, sure to keep you at bursting at the seams.