KOHLI FILMS signs Director Ashok R. Kondke for their upcoming film

KOHLI FILMS signs Director Ashok R. Kondke for their upcoming film

KOHLI FILMS has signed Director Ashok R. Kondke for their upcoming Comedy THRILLER.  KOHLI FILMS will be promoting Indian cinema on an international platform where they can showcase Indian films on global level.  They pledge to entertain, make audience laugh and Re-Think.

When asked about this new venture, the Managing Director of KOHLI FILMS Mr. Ryan Kohli told us, “we have the privilege to work with director Ashok R. Kondke one of the talented, creative, innovative and flamboyant director. He is a humble, hardworking and gem of a person to work with. He makes everyone comfortable around him and has oodles of energy to deliver. The director has 12 years of experience in advertisement and has not only directed but also written short films, International serials and scripts as well.”

We contacted Ashok R. Kondke for the same and he said, “it’s a story of a 40 year old bachelor and his marriage with his sweetheart is in suspension from last 8 years due to his future father in law’s clause of owning the flat in (Mumbai) before marriage. This clause becomes a heart ache for the lover boy, who works in a share broking company. Hence he starts believing in the saying ‘Everything is fair in love and war’. To acquire the love of his life, he gets wicked by cheating his near and dear ones to raise the money for the flat.

Finally, He accomplishes the biggest mission of his life and takes the possession of his dream home. But as it is rightly said, ‘Life is not the bed of roses’ Story is filled with Comedy & Suspense and it’s written by Harish M. Kotian.

The film is in Pre-Production stage. Very soon we are going to announce the star cast & releasing date of this film. Let’s hope for the best.”

We wish Kohli Films best wishes for their film.