Know all about Aditya Roy Kapur’s 7% body fat frame!

Know all about Aditya Roy Kapur’s 7% body fat frame!

Aditya Roy Kapur


If one goes by Aditya’s new avatar for ‘Fitoor’, one can surely start believing that, flaunting six- or eight-pack abs for a film have become passe . Aditya Roy Kapur has taken a different route to showcase a well-toned physique in his next- ‘Fitoor’. He has opted for body sculpting.
Body sculpting is a technique that is used to shape the muscles in one’s body to perfection without bulking it up in any way. It is an extremely gruelling process for which Aditya first worked towards losing muscle mass and then reducing the percentage of body fat in his body which is the lowest that Aditya has gone ever (7%).

Aditya says, “I have been following this regime on and off for a year-and-a-half now. After filming some sequences, I let go a little bit and I had to lose weight all over again, which was quite frustrating. So I’ve learnt that this lifestyle has to be consistent.”

He worked with Prashant Sawant and Praveen Nair to achieve a chiseled body. “They both trained me at different stages. I also trained a lot by myself. I like training alone. Otherwise, I find I get too dependent on someone else for motivation.” said Aditya.

Though it took immense hard work for months from the actor, he thoroughly loved the process of surrendering himself to his director’s vision and adapting to the character he will be seen playing on screen.

Like every fitness regime that yields result, this one two has it’s share of dos and don’ts. Aditya confesses, “Well, the dos are drink lots of water, get enough fibre and carbs as well, as they are important. The don’ts are don’t be too extreme with any diet, it can really end up harming your system and immunity. Also, one cheat meal is fine but keep it at one because if you do another then it’s a slippery slope.”

Fitoor stars Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina Kaif opposite each other for the very first time. In fact, the source further adds “They both are looking good in the film and share a sizzling chemistry.

Produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Directed by the Kai Po Che director Abhishek Kapoor, Fitoor is all set to release on 12th February, 2016.