Kids Photography Workshop !

Kids Photography Workshop !

On coming Sunday, 16th December, 2012 , Kshitij Redifining Fun have organized one more One Day Photography Workshop for kids between 8 to 14 years at Maharashtra Nature Park. Children will be taught hoow to handle camera, different angles and all the other basics of  handling camera and  how to do photography without using flash etc.

Elaborating further on the workshop Mr. Vipul Chedda informed that “Last September, we started organizing Photography Workshop for kids. We were really skeptical about how much they will understand photography technically. As the workshop started we were surprised with the kind of question they were coming up with. “Mam, how to set exposure to get right amount of light in my frame?”, 9 year old kid actually came up this question.

Today’s kids are really good with all these technicality and they are really creative. These kind of workshop helps them to develop their  perspective and imagination, which is usually difficult in a classroom. Again it gives them refreshing break from the stress, competition and daily routine.

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