Khushali, Guru and Tulsi want you to get into the groove

Khushali, Guru and Tulsi want you to get into the groove

Guru n Khushali -

T-Series’ new single Raat Kamaal Hai promises to be the ultimate party number this season

There is a new party anthem released today that’s set to get you grooving! Sung by hit machine and T-Series artist Guru Randhawa and award-winning singer Tulsi Kumar, the video will feature Guru and the hot and sizzling Khushali Kumar.

Tulsi Kumar

A romantic, peppy dance track, Khushali and Guru will be seen at their glamorous best in the video. Those who have seen the video have sworn the chemistry between the two is electrifying, something viewers will find hard to miss.

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Recounting her experience on making the video Khushali shares, “It’s been shot so amazingly at a romantic mountain lakeside. It’s probably every girl’s dream to visit such a place with her love. The song’s got a catchy vibe. It’s still playing in my head on loop.”

Guru n Khushali -1

Guru adds, “Raat Kamaal Hai is an all-out party song about having fun. We’ve used contemporary dance beats (club mix). I’m hopeful my fans will love the song. It’s been an amazing experience collaborating with Tulsi and Khushali for the first time.”

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Says Tulsi Kumar , “This is my first collaboration with Guru Randhawa. Our voices have blended beautifully. I hope to present a new side to me with this song.”

The song, composed and penned by Guru Randhawa, promises to be a visual and aural treat for listeners.