Khaike Paan Center Fresh wala

Khaike Paan Center Fresh wala

New Delhi,  Perfetti Van Melle India (PVMI), the leading confectionery maker in the country, is known for coming up with new and exciting products and it’s no different this time too. Center Fresh, one of the flagship brands of PVMI, has launched a new Paan flavour.

Known for its mouth freshening properties, Paan is a natural extension for the brand. For the first time ever, Indian consumers will enjoy the authentic taste of Paan in a chewing gum!

Center Fresh has been positioned as product so tasty, that one would rather chew than talk. This insight translates into the tagline “Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam” (Keeps your mouth shut). The new TVC for Center Fresh Paan reaffirms this base brand positioning, while announcing the arrival of the new Paan flavour in a clever way.

Commenting on the launch, Chaitanya Shekar, Group Product Manager, said “Center Fresh and Paan have significant synergies, given their mouth-freshening properties and it was only a matter of time in getting this logical extension on the brand. We are extremely excited about this new launch and we believe this format will open up new avenues for consumption of Paan in a quick and fun way “

Abhijit Avasthi, NCD, Ogilvy & Mather — the creative agency that handles the brand – said, “We have all come across the not-so-pretty sight of people stuffing paan into their mouths and talking. Half of the time it’s not even clear what they are saying. But they go on, without caring whether the spittle is staining their clothes or flying off from their mouths and landing on the other person’s face. We took this insight and crafted a funny ad that showed the consequences a dhobi’s son has to face due to his talking while chewing paan.”