Kehta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara – Monday to Thursday @9.30pm

Kehta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara – Monday to Thursday @9.30pm

Episode 59, 25th November, Monday @ 9.30 p.m. –  Ulka catches Saanchi and DV together romancing. She shouts at Saanchi and DV. Prachi calls up Saachi and says they are getting adu home from hospital. Saanchi promises Ulka she will tell Ajji and Nani.  Anway calls up Pradeep and warns him to give the forge paper to Saanchi ,Prachi, ajji and Nani get adu home. Ulka again tells Saanchi to tell Ajji and nani.  Dv calls Saanchi but she doesnt take the call. Both are sad.

Episode 60, 26th November, Tuesday @ 9.30 p.m. –  Saanchi is having dinner with Ajji and Nani but Ulka’s words are haunting her mind.  Dv tries calling Saanchi .She takes the call but says its wrong number. Saanchi goes to her room and finds DV there. They decide to tell Ajji nani about their Love. Ajji calls Saanchi. Both come down.  They are about to tell ajji nani the truth. Nani tells them to speak out and confirm Ulka is not saying the truth. When Saanchi says she is in love with Dv.  Ajji   gets very upset and angry. She shouts at Saanchi and Dv. Adu witnesses all this. He walks out the house. DV meets Adu out and tries to talk to him. Adu says DV is wrong  if Ajji and nani think so.  Song ter bin. Both Dv and Saachi are sad.

Episode 61, 27th November, Wednesday, @9.30 p.m. –   Next morning no one talks to Saanchi.  Ajji, Nani and adu do their own work and ignore Saanchi.  Saanchi gets ready for office. When she comes near her jeep, Some women are gossiping about Dv and Saanchi affair. Dilshaad stops them. Ulka and Dilshaad get into argument. Saanchi leaves from there and when she reaches office. She feels even more humiliated when Workers make fun of DV and Saanchi relationship. Saanchi cries a lot. DV consoles her but Saanchi gives the ring back and says its over. Pradeep calls sunil and tells him to speak to Prachi. Sunil talks to prachi and informs her about 3 crore. Saanchi tells Ajji to forgive her. Ajji softens a little for Saanchi and Prachi enters.

Episode 62, 28th November, Thursday, @9.30 p.m. –  Prachi meets Saanchi and talks to her. Saanchi tells prachi if she has to choose between personal life and farm. She will choose farm. Prachi comes down and talks negative about Saanchi. She suggests ajji nani to get Saanchi Married to someone else soon. Next morning Saanchi is ready to go to office. Pradeep comes and show them the papers according to which Saanchi’s father has transferred land on Pradeep’s name. Ajji  doesn’t support Pradeep. He challenges them to meet in court. Everyone tensed at home. DV is waiting near prabhu niwas to see Saanchi. He meets adu and explains him how much Saanchi. Adu comes inside and notices no one is talking to Saanchi. He feels bad for Saanchi. He eventually talks to Saanchi and drags her to Terrace. Saanchi is surprised to see Dv. Adu tells them to run away. But DV promises him he will get married to Saanchi with Ajji  and Nani’s permission.

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