Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara Episode 1 – Thursday, 15th August. 9.30pm

Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara

Episode 1 – Thursday, 15th August. 9.30pm

In Thursday’s episode, we are introduced to Prabhu Niwas where Aaji and Nani receive a marriage invite to Namrata’s wedding. Both panic on seeing the card as their 34 year old granddaughter Saanchi is yet unmarried whereas the younger Namrata is about to get married now. On the other hand, Saanchi is in her strawberry farm fixing a machine which has gotten spoilt. Ulka Kaku, Prabhus’ neighbor comes to them with a marriage proposal for Saanchi – 37 year old Shivam Dixit, a divorcee. Though initially hesitant, they agree and are now thinking of ways to convince Saanchi for the same. They send Advait a.k.a. Adu (younger brother of Saanchi) to convey the news to her. But Adu reaches there & warns Saanchi of the impending events at home. When Saanchi reaches home, she tries avoiding the topic as far as possible but when Prachi (Saanchi’s younger sister) talks about the invite, Saanchi is in a fix. Aaji & Nani talk to Saanchi about finding a life partner for herself. Saanchi talks about how she is happy in her life with the farm & her family. In the end after much persistence from the grandmothers, Saanchi agrees to meet the boy. In the end, we introduce Dhruv a.k.a. DV who enters Panchgani in his swanky BMW.

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