Kathak meets Flamenco Pandit Chitresh Das and Antonio Hidalgo present “Fastest Feet on Fire”

Kathak meets Flamenco

Pandit Chitresh Das and Antonio Hidalgo present “Fastest Feet on Fire”

Two internationally acclaimed artists come together to create history in dance and improvisation- Pandit Chitresh Das  and Antonio Hidalgo. As Kathak meets Flamenco through the best exponents of both forms, a dymanic exchange of artistic improvisation occurs. Known for his artistic vision, Pandit Das breaks now ground with this collaboration. Recipient of the highest hounour for a tradiotional artist by the US overnment, Pandit Das has taken Kathak to the world. Antonio Hidalgo is Spain’s best known Flamenco star and wniner of the Anadalusia Prize. Together they present their individual dance forms and styles, followed by impromptu sections where they challenge each other, the musicians and often themselves.  Adding to the intrigue is a live ensemble of Hindustani and Spanish musicians. Fastest Feet on Fire is a meeting of cultures, and collission of minds. The result high energy and explosive entertainment.

About Pandit Chitresh Das – A child prodigy, Pandit Chitresh Das has become one of the most dynamic and far-reaching artists to have emerged from modern India. A prolific artist, his performance, choreography and evolution of Kathak, classical dance of North India, have influenced the art form world-wide. Pandit Das is first and foremost a master and virtuosic performer of the classical Kathak tradition. As a committed guru, he has trained many dancers who have gone on to establish their own careers in Kathak dance. Based on his concept of “innovation within tradition,” Pandit Das explores the boundaries of Kathak technique and performance, creating compelling, new works and techniques that are inventive, yet deeply rooted in the Kathak tradition. His innovative technique, Kathak Yoga, was recently published as the subject of a doctoral dissertation at Harvard University.

About Antonio Hidalgo – Antonio Hidalgo began his studies in regional dance, Spanish classical and flamenco in his hometown Lucena, Cordoba. His professional career began in Festivales de Flamenco in Cordoba and he soon joined the company of Carmen Mota. He formed his own company in 1990 before moving to Madrid in 1992 to work with the companies of Jose Antonio, Paco Romero, Jose Greco and Antonio Gades. In 1996 he began collaborating with Maria Benitez, Masamy Okada and Yolanda Gonzalez. Since 1998 he has been choreographer and principal dancer with Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana touring the U.S. and performing annually at the Joyce Theater. He has also worked with directors Miguel Naros, Salvador Tavara and Antonio Molero. With Inmaculada Ortega, he directs the company Aroma Flamenca and works with the Fundacion Antonio Gades as Assistant Director, soloist and choreography assistant.

No rules, no retakes. Sometimes no rehearsal!

What – Kathak meets Flamenco – Pandit Chitresh Das and Antonio Hidalgo present “Fastest Feet on Fire”

Where – Tata Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai

When- 18 January, 2013

Time – 7pm – 9pm