Kate hates wearing knickers !

Kate hates wearing knickers


We have seen her fighting the goons and saving the world from unjust but the woman so bold on screen is much naughty off screen.

Kate Beckinsale the Underworld star admits she hates wearing knickers. She feels more comfortable without knickers.

The actress spilled these gory details during an interview to a website on being asked if it was true that she hated wearing panties.

It was then that the ever so jovial starlet admitted her hatred for knickers. “Yeah, I don’t wear knickers unless I am wearing a short skirt or may be if I am going on a mountain expedition with extra layers. But no, I don’t like them!” she said.

The actress will soon be seen in the reboot film of Sony Pictures Total Recall with Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel as her co-stars. The film releases on 3rd August.