Kashmera Shah’s play goes the Hollywood way!

Many movies have shot two to three different endings andclimax sequences and decided which one to add in their projects at the lastminute.

It’s a common practice in Hollywood to shoot two movieendings, take the opinions of focus groups and a cross section of people andretain the one more accepted. Bollywood too has caught up with a similar trendoff late.

But what surprises us now is that Kashmera Shah’s latestplay Tere Ghar Ke Samne has adopted a similar practice, albeit with adifference.

Over a few summer Sundays spread across weeks, Kash’s playhas been running to packed houses at various theatre outlets, whileexperimenting with not two, but three different endings. Almost every week, theviewers get to see a different climax to her play. Whoa!

What’s more! What started as a one-off experiment is nowbecoming the norm. “Earlier we thought we’d do this for a couple of weeks andthen stick to the end the audiences find the best. But this experimenting processgets the actors and audiences alike so kicked, that we are continuing with it,”reveals Kash.

Thanks to this, a select percentage of audiences have evenreturned for an extra round of the play, just to see how it will end in theirsecond outing. We are often amazed how you manage to begin such whacky trendsKash, but it’s cool as long as you continue to amuse and entertain. More powerto you and your wackiness girl!