KARIM MOHAMMED is a tribute to the trials and tribulations of Bakarwal community of upper Jammu and Kashmir.

KARIM MOHAMMED is a tribute to the trials and tribulations of Bakarwal community of upper Jammu and Kashmir.

Harshit Rajawat (2)

“Mohammed” is an inspiring tale of an innocent boy who turns crusader for the entire community, humanity. Mohammed motivates them to overcome their own fears and apprehensions to fight against terrorism.

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Forget the political angle involved in it, the biggest challenge to eradicate terrorism has been the victim’s mindset itself. Yes, it has a lot to do with how victims look at the situation. Do they succumb to fear or they refuse and rise to fight is the question and the answer too lies within. The term or word “Terrorism” or as described in Hindi “Aatank” means fear and fear has it’s home inone’s mind, nowhere else. Throw it out and the terrorism will have no existence. True, that it is not as simple as it sounds, but it is not as difficult too as it has been perceived or rather portrayed and that’s exactly the little Mohammed proves. 

Yashpal Sharma, Harshit Rajawat (2)

Mohammed is from Bakarwal community of upper Jammu and Kashmir. By family profession they are shepherds. Since his childhood Mohammed has taken a liking for this profession while accompanying his father. Running behind goats and sheeps, playing with them, feeding them is something he loves and does it with absolute sincerity. These animals and nature are his best friends.

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Bakarwalis are nomadic by nature, they keep shifting their base according to the climatic conditions. Most of them reside in the upper region of J&K where life goes dead during peak winters hence before extreme winter starts they move to downward areas along with their cattels and as the summer season approaches  they migrate in reverse. 

Harshit Rajawat

This winter also Mohammed’s family follows the routine. This to- -and-fro journey has always been very exciting for little Mohammed, he always looks forward to it as he loves the stories his father tells him about all the places they pass through during their journey. His father is not a literate person but he is well informed, unbiased, an upright and wise man. He is a patriotic, believes only in humanity, does nothing wrong hence he is a fearless person who can’t resist raising his voice if he finds people doing anything unethical.  This time Mohammed’s joy is at it’s peak when they start the journey as his  mother is expecting and he knows that she is going to deliver a baby very soon. He keeps praying for a little sister as the thought of his little sister calling him bhaijaan makes him feel happy like anything. 

Yashpal Sharma, Harshit Rajawat (3)

The downward journey is full of joy for the family, they spend good time during their stay throughout the winter in the village in lower region of the valley.  Mohammed’s mother gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, he thanks allah for rewarding his prayers and dances in joy. When summer approaches they begin their return journey. Mohammed and his parents must have never imagined in their wildest dream that this time their journey will turn into a nightmare, the destination is not going to be the one they have chosen and their sweet little world is going to be shattered. Mohammed has named his little sister ‘Juhi’ is four months old now. On their way back they reach Mohammed’s aunt’s village to attend her daughter’s wedding. 

Yashpal Sharma, Harshit Rajawat

Mohammed and his family  take part in the marriage  ceremony with great enthusiasm. While Mohammed  is playing with kids his father notices something which makes him feel uneasy. He is shocked to realise that his brother in law has provided shelter to a group of terrorists in the next room, they are treated like special guests… he can’t resist his displeasure, he confronts his brother in law, argues that this is unethical. Brother in law and other Men of the village argue that they are alive because these terrorist protect their village, they ask Mohammed’s father not to interfere in this matter and leave the place if he has a problem. He tries to make them understand that it is their misconception. It’s not the villagers who are surviving because of these terrorists, it is terrorists who are surviving because of the support of the villagers under a false notion. Little Mohammed overhears his father’s arguments and his innocent mind is convinced with his father’s logics. 

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Terrorists come to know that someone is trying to provoke the villagers, they get insecure and attack the village before the villagers take any action against them. Within few minutes the venue of marriage turns into a graveyard, terrorist kill all young men of the village. They also kill Mohammed’s parents and flea from there. The village is left only with children, women, old men and orphan Mohammed with his four months old sister.

Producer Ravindra Rajawat

Little innocent Mohammed can’t bear the loss of his parents and the site of mourning villagers. When little Juhi cries in hunger and for her mother, Mohammed too starts shedding tears but soon he gathers and tells himself that now he has to look after his little sister. He feeds her with spoon and takes good care of her like a mother does. He manages to pacify his little sister but there is no one to pacify him when he has sleepless nights staring at sky with teary eyes. His father’s arguments with the villagers keeps haunting him, he argues with survivors (women, children and old men) like his father did, he asks them to take an action but now they are not only too afraid, they accuse Mohammed’s late father for their misery. No one listens to him but he doesn’t give up. He keeps pushing them and finally feels that whatever this little boy is saying makes sense and they should fight. He motivates the rest of them. Women, children and old men form an army…. they march towards the terrorist camp in the night lay a trap like hunters do and confiscate their weapons… when terrorist wake up next morning they are attacked by village army, unalarmed terrorists had no choice, they surrender. Village army arrest them and carry them like hunters carry their prey.  This village army comprising no young men, motivated by little Mohammed set an example that you need more mental strength and mind set to fight against terrorism than the physical strength. Mohammed’ s widow aunt offers to adopt Mohammed and his little sister Juhi but he politely refuses as he wants to stay with the memories of his parents hence he leaves for his native place carrying his little sister on his back the way his mother used to carry him when he was small. He bids an emotional good bye to villagers and continues his journey like a true bakarwal. 

KARIM MOHAMMED releasing on 24August 2018

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Film-                KARIM MOHAMMED

Banner-            Anhad Studio Pvt.Ltd. 

Producer-             Ravindra Singh Rajawat

Director-           Pawan Kumar Sharma

Writter-               Jitender Gupta

Story ,Screenplay,Dialogues-   Jitendra Gupta

Music Director-    Balkrishan Sharma

Lyrics –                Jitender  Gupta,  Shahid Anjum and Yateesh Acharya

Editor-              Prakash Jha

D.O.P-        Subhransu Kumar Das

Singers-      Shankar Shahney, Kumar Vishu, Mandakini Bora, Shakti Singh.

Starcast-      Harshit Rajawat, Yashpal Sharma, Alka Amin, Rajesh Jais, Ravi Janghu, Sunil Jogi Anuj Vashist, Juhi Singh, Paras Vaidya and Veer Gujjar.

Costume-       Narender Singh

Art Director-   Harish Sippy, Rajat Pandey

PRO-          Santosh raj

Location-          Himachal Pradesh  india

Language-        Urdu-Hindi

Genre-             Drama

Sound-                         Nitish Sharma