Kareena on her Personal front

Kareena on her Personal front
Kareena who is awaiting the release of her Film Gori tere Pyaar Mein:
Kareena has wished to be an actress, from the time she was a child. she has spent her entire childhood dancing in front of the mirror dancing  to Madhuri and Sridevi songs or copying their expressions as she always wanted to be a movie star and had no doubts in her mind on that.
She feels parents are very liberal and cosmopolitan, her parents have never asked her what she wants to do or where she is going, her mother has so much confidence in the way she has brought her up and knows that she knows her responsibilities. She loves having a chat with her father over a drink and had  her first drink with him in  Boston in America. Her mother being a single parent was more active in her sister Karisma’s career and feels Karisma laid the foundation and she just reaped the benefits. For her its the biggest high to be called her sister as people still get confused and call her Karisma and feels proud in being one of the most successful siblings in bollywood and also of having a mother like they do.
 She feels she is like her mother fun and entertaining, She is very moohphat and will say anything anytime. People like Karan  and Manish love to meet her. she has her own life and lives it her way, She has always been cool about talking about boyfriends.
She lived in with Saif for five years and everyone said it was considered a bold step just because she said it, she feels she is  upfront, but also very traditional.
Her father is a Punjabi, her mother, a practising Christian and her husband a Muslim.
she feels blessed to have the best parents and be part of such a contemporary world.
Her parents even after seperating have the most wonderful relationship and are the best of friends.
Saif’s imperfection make him sexy and charming. She loves the fact that she makes spelling mistakes.

Saif and her relationship is very beautiful as they are best friends to each other. as if she needs any advise she asks him. One can talk to Saif about anythimg and everything. Saif and she are brought up in a similar manner. They are modern and at the same time traditional..
About Karishma she feels that Karishma is her father’s favorite.  She and Karishma are very close to each other. Karisma is the nicest human being. Karisma is bebo’s biggest critic.Bebo is outgoing while Karishma is reserved . Karishma is the rock of the family.

Karishma is a responsible actress. Karishma was my grandfather’s favorite. He loved mangoes and so did bebo but all the mangoes always went to Karishma. He doted on her as her eye color was similar to him.

Kareena Kapoor loves Karan Johar. Karan is like a brother to her. She and he share a lot of things and respect each other. She knows that he is there for her and she trusts him.
Ranbir and Kareena went on a holiday together when they were kids. She was nine  and  the shikaras were  running around the Oberoi Palace hotel, as they stayed there. They  were most excited as Rishi Kapoor was a big star  and it was great.