‘Kareena Meri Favorite Hai’ says actress Neelam Muneer

‘Kareena Meri Favorite Hai’ says actress Neelam Muneer

Kareena Kapoor & Neelam Muneer

Everyone’s favorite green eyed beauty – Kareena Kapoor – has a huge fan following across the globe including the beautiful actress Neelam Muneer, who is currently seen as Roshanay in Arranged Marriage every Monday – Saturday at 6:30 pm.  Neelam has always been an admirer of the firebrand actress and loves her style, her persona and her acting prowess.  A big fan of the Begum of Patuadi, Neelam was over the moon and a little star struck when she finally got the opportunity to meet Kareena in person for the first time at an event in Dubai.

Neelam had a huge fangirl moment ‘jab she met’ Bollywood’s Bebo, the two actresses shared a quick moment and even took a picture together, which Neelam instantly uploaded on her Instagram page. Both actresses are loved by their fans and are considered to be fashion icons, so it was a great moment for their followers to see both these beautiful actresses in the same frame.

Neelam Muneer

Neelam‘s fans in the meanwhile can see more of her on Zindagi’s latest drama ’Arranged Marriage’, where she is seen as Roshanay, a beautiful bubbly girl who is married to Ahmed. While Roshanay is excited to start her new life with Ahmed; he does not reciprocate her feelings and is pursuing his love interest Meeral. In an unhappy marriage with an unfaithful husband, Roshanay maintains her dignity and faces every challenge that comes her way. She however falls in love with Ahmed and is patient to get love his in return.

Arranged Marriage Endpage
Has Ahmed devised a plan to drive Roshanay away from his life? What will she do when she finds out about this plan?

To witness this captivating drama series, tune into ‘Arranged Marriage’ every Monday to Saturday at 6.30 PM only on Zindagi