*KAREENA KAPOOR’s Style Tips with Philip Hair styling Range!*

*KAREENA KAPOOR’s Style Tips with Philip Hair styling Range!*

Bollywood’s Numero Uno actress and style icon, Kareena Kapoor has been
signed as the brand ambassador for PHILIPS HAIR STYLING RANGE.

Kareena Kapoor shares her thoughts on shooting for the commercial.

Says Kareena “when I saw the script, I felt Shakun Batra was perfect to
direct it, since my character is so much fun and tongue and cheek. I feel
proud to be associated with Philips Hair Styling Range since my young fans
are crazy about trying out different hairdos or hairstyles, straight or
curly etc.
Infact we have tried all the styles in the commercial. And shooting again
with Shakun after Ek Main Aur Ek Tu, was great, since we share such a
comfort level. It’s the first time, I think an actress has endorsed this
kind of styling range. Happy that Philips being such a huge brand, made me
a part of their family and that too with something more new and stylish”

Kareena also shared her insights on different hairstyle looks for different

DATE LOOK: “Somehow I know the boys prefer the girls to be in straight
hair, sometimes ironed out for the Date Look”

BEACH LOOK: – “I would Tie my hair for the beach look, probably something
more casual, since it would be hot too”
RED CARPET LOOK: “I think curly hair which we shot for the Philips Hair
Styling range commercial with an elegant gown would be the perfect Red
Carpet look”

Iconic Hollywood Actress Hairstyle: “It would definitely be Marilyn Monroe.
Her short hair that had curls in them”

Bollywood Actresses Hairstyles: “Earlier our iconic actresses
preferred long hair and bouffant. Presently most actresses prefer donning
the straight hair look, which is ironed out, which is quite classic”

Says Director Shakun Batra who had earlier shot Kareena Kapoor in EK MAIN
AUR EK TU “ Kareena Kapoor is very instinctive in the true sense of the
word, and her instincts are always right. The concept of the commercial is
that it is believed that most women take longer than men to get ready. So
we wanted to prove a point that with something like Philips Styling Range
is quick, allows you multitasking and can be ready in half the time. Have
shot it in a very tongue and cheek manner”