Kanika Kapoor champions the cause of elephants!

Kanika Kapoor champions the cause of elephants!

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Kanika Kapoor is an ardent animal lover and also supports various animal welfare activities. The large-hearted singer has been recently invited for the special ‘Elephant Family Charity Dinner’, an initiative by Elephant Family NGO that works for the welfare of elephants across the country.

‘Elephant Family – protecting Asian elephants and their habitat’, is a small dynamic NGO started by Mark Shand, a British travel writer who was actively involved in the conservation of the Asian elephant and co-founded a charity called Elephant Family. Post his death, his sister Camilla, also wife of Prince Charles took over the charitable cause to save a forgotten species from extinction.

Kanika, who has been an ambassador for the British Asian Trust, feels privileged to get associated with the noble cause. The NGO has also given the large-hearted singer an elephant to design which will be auctioned in London.

Interestingly, Kanika recently performed at the Buckingham Palace in the presence of Prince Charles and Cornwall Camilla.

*Kanika says, “I’m most intrigued by the outpouring of support for the elephants and I am especially going as it’s such a noble gesture for a great cause.”