Kangana Ranaut – Bollywood’s most Stylish Vegetarian

Kangana Ranaut – Bollywood’s most Stylish Vegetarian

Making “going green” look ever so fashionable, Kangana Ranaut ,having shifted base to Mumbai has now turned vegan , a decision that was quite a challenge for the style icon ,especially since she was raised as a non-vegetarian, born and brought up like anyone from the sub-degreed Himachal region.

The actress who was always spiritually inclined and has taken upto yoga in a big way, has turned into a staunch vegetarian ,inspired and more aware of its benefits….Apart from its positive effects on her health and fitness ,Kangana also finds it to have a calming effect on her ,especially since her schedule is packed with films and brand commitments –

Reveals a source, “Kangana has always been a spiritual person and has taken upto yoga and vegetarianism in a huge way – Now that she is in Mumbai she is more aware of what’s happening in and around and strongly feels that vegetarianism has a calming and de-stressing effect on her”.

Says Kangana  “I think being a Vegan has done wonders for my lifestyle apart from keeping me healthy and more active it has also calmed me as a person….I hope to set an example for all my fans”.