Kangana Ranaut and Irrfan Khan starrer Divine Lovers – the country’s first Indo-French production!

Kangana Ranaut and Irrfan Khan starrer Divine Lovers – the country’s first Indo-French production!


Director Sai Kabir’s upcoming film, Divine Lovers, has officially qualified as a French film following a green light from the French Film Commission. The commissioner, Franck Priot, has become a mentor for the film and for the director himself. What this means for the film is that Divine Lovers will receive a mainstream cinema release in France, a very rare occurrence. Irrfan Khan and Kangana Ranaut, the stars of the film, are also overwhelmed and excited by this special news. 

Kangana who last shot in Paris for Queen , couldn’t be more excited with the association given that Bollywood’s postergirl for fashion, known for her sartorial choices, is also known and recognized in the Fashion capital as a style icon.

Whereas both Sai Kabir and Franck Priot are looking forward to this Indo French technical exchange, especially when the post production stage happens in France.Sources reveal that Divine Lovers will be India’s answer to German and French edgy , love stories that the whole world watches.The film will be every bit the great Indian Dream.

Says director Sai Kabir, ” Franck Priot has truly been a mentor both to me and the film Divine Lovers.The French Film Commission has helped us build this into a Indo -French co production”.

Says Franck Priot,COO Film France, “It is exciting for us at the Film France to have young talents like Kabir Sai, from the new generation of Indian directors, willing to work with France and French talents in order to have their movies reaching out to wider audiences outside of India. And his impressive knowledge of French cinema for sure will help him to find common grounds and references with us.With its reality-grounded style, Divine Lovershas a potential appeal to European audiences, even if they don’t know the Bollywood conventions”.

Says Kangana Ranaut, “Divine Lovers will receive a mainstream cinema release in France.It will be India’s answer to edgy, love stories that world-cinema viewers enjoy”.