Kalyan Jewellers and iDNA Graphics launches customized jewellery Collection

Kalyan Jewellers and iDNA Graphics launches customized jewellery Collection

The HELIX – DNA Collection

  • Inscribe your DNA on the jewellery of your choice

India’s largest directly operated jewellery chain, Kalyan Jewellers, has tied up with iDNA to launch the unique and customized ‘HELIX – DNA Jewellery. These will initially be available across 15 showrooms of Kayan Jewellers. Each person on the face of the earth has his or her own unique DNA pattern. HELIX Jewellery will have a graphic image of this on the piece of jewellery.

“The HELIX – DNA jewellery collection entails unique designs encrusted with your own DNA. The HELIX – DNA jewellery collection, with its range of rings, bracelets and pendants is an innovation in the field of jewellery design that expresses your individuality on something as personal as jewellery, Says Mr. Sanjay Raghuraman, COO Kalyan Jewellers.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Yash Moghe, Co-founder iDNA Graphics said “We are proud to have found a synergetic partner in Kalyan Jewellers. With a wide distribution network and loyal consumer base we will be able to promote this unique concept across the country. We are particularly happy with the trust that the Kalyan brand enjoys among its large customer base”

Having DNA inscribed in jewellery is a simple procedure. All a customer has to do is visit a Kalyan Jewellers store and ask for a DNA collection kit. The DNA kit is used to collect the sample and it is sent over to technology partner, iDNA, , where a graphic image of the DNA sample is generated. This image is then embossed on the jewellery. Bringing a personal touch to jewellery, HELIX immortalizes your essence in pure gold.

The company plans to open 17 more showrooms in the current year. Kalyan Jewellers has been at the forefront of pioneering efforts to educate the public about cheating and malpractices in gold quality and transparency in pricing through their campaign ‘Fight against Impure Gold”.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Ms. Aishwraya Rai Bachchan represent Kalyan Jewellers nationally. To represent the company regionally they have stalwarts like Nagarjuna in Andhra Pradesh, Sivaraj Kumar in Karnataka, Prabhu in Tamil Nadu and Dileep in Kerala.


Kalyan Jewellers is the flagship of the prestigious 100-year old Kalyan Group with its origins in textile manufacturing and retailing. The group forayed into jewellery retailing two decades ago in 1993, and has retail store strength of 55 showrooms across the 4 southern states, Gujarat, Punjab and Maharashtra and 6 showrooms in UAE. Kalyan Jewellers is a clear market leader in most of the markets it operates. The company has set an ambitious target of 100 showrooms by 2016.

Kalyan Jewellers has  five sub brands for gold named Floret – Flower based designs, Tamas – Colour based designs, Bloom – Kids Jewellery, Rang – Precious stones jewellery and Eterna – Traditional Jewellery. We also got six sub brands for diamonds named – Anokhi – uncut diamonds, Sakshi – Diamond studded mangalsutra,  Bliss – duo bands for couples , Amore – diamonds for youth, White Mistry – Platinum with diamonds and Antara – Bridal diamond wear.