Kailash Kher Pours His Heart Out For His Favourite Teacher

Kailash Kher Pours His Heart Out For His Favourite Teacher

Kailash Kher’s remarkable journey from a struggling singer to a sensational pop star, top notch playback singer and the most humble celebrity is nothing less than marvelous. The inspirational ‘Teri Deewani’ singer hails from outskirts of Delhi to Mumbai, the epicenter of India’s highly competitive entertainment industry.

Kailash has his share of struggle in the beginning of his journey but he believes that it’s definitely the blessing of his Guru and his mentor that made Kailash Kher, the most loved Indian artists internationally.

In an exclusive interview to HSC on the special occasion of teacher’s day Kailash Kher pours his heart out about his most found memories of his favourite Guru.

Your favourite teacher and how it helped you…

I consider myself very lucky to have an ideal teacher in my father. He had always explained to me things in such a simple way that sometimes I wish I could get the same in our regular teacher. He maintained a cordial relationship with me that’s why approaching him was very easy for me.

He was an optimistic teacher who uses to have a very practical approach towards any situation in life. Yes, I have done my share of mistakes during my childhood. But he never scolded me; on the contrary, he would explain to me the consequences of my wrong deed and the impact it might have caused if I did anything drastic. This is the lesson I never forget – one must think of the consequence of one’s act before doing anything wrong in life.
Whatever the teaching I have got from my ideal teacher, my father, it reflects in my persona.

In your opinion, an ideal quality a teacher should have …

Like I already said in my opinion a cordial relationship between a teacher and his student helps the latter perform well in life. Let me share a personal experience with you … I had worked as a music teacher in a Delhi school for a year… during my graduation. I was in my twenty’s then, not only I use to teach music to them but also use to be very friendly with them. They would come to me with their problems like they are approaching a friend. And I feel proud to say that my students have excelled in their respective fields. Whenever, they call me or praise my way of teaching them, I feel very humbled and honoured.

One advice if you have to give to all teachers on the eve of Teachers Day …

Be true towards this profession. A teacher’s job is not only about giving knowledge but being a true guardian. The task or demands of the modern day are different. Now mostly there are nuclear families, where both the parents are mostly working professionals. Thus, the responsibility on our teacher increases and they now not only have to provide literacy but to also educate to young minds.

Education in India more inclined towards academic excellence rather than helping children perusing other forms of education like paintings, sculpturing, etc. These fields involve more struggle than the regular fields. Your views…

See, struggle is absolute for success in any field. Our country has history of both glory and hardship so one must understand the need of the society. But things are changing as change is evident and India has rich culture. And the struggle lays the way for success in any field. So, keep your head up and working hard for what you believe … ‘Hariye na Himmat besariye na raahh.’

One more thing which I want to tell the younger generation … since now-a-days you all have easy access to everything in life you must keep the discipline and limit on your act …so as to maintain the balance in society … and never forget your roots.