Kailash Kher on a mission to spread the colors of Rangeele across the country.

Singer Kailash Kher who recently released his new music album “Rangeele” is busy travelling different cities with an aim to spread its colors across the country.

The album released under the banner of Kailasa records is not only appreciated by the audience but has also been sold beyond the expectations of the company. In today’s era, when many albums of well-known singers are shown the way to the bin, the audience response for Rangeele is commendable. When asked about the uniqueness of the album that is alluring the audience, Kailash Kher said, “One reason for the audience appreciation of the album can be the usage of simple language which is very common in my songs. It is the love of the audience that has made Kailash Kher. The reason why my previous albums were hit is all because of my fans. Today, I am what I am because of my fans and my lord. I wish that their blessings and good wishes stay with me forever like this.”

So far Kailash Kher has been to Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Kanpur and Bangalore to promote his album ‘Rangeele’. And wherever he has been to his fans have greeted him with much applause, love and a long list of song requests and Kailash Kher has fulfilled his audiences’ wishes with much zeal and enthusiasm.