KAILASH KHER For the first time collaborates with folk singer PRAHLAD TIPANYA


 For the first time collaborates with folk singer


The Sufi maestro Kailash Kher has reached such great heights that singers and bands in India and abroad wish to collaborate with him for the music albums. One can gauge the popularity of this singer whose January released album “Rangeele” set record breaking sales. “We never collaborated with anyone before in spite of getting offers from the foreign countries not only because we have commitments in India but also we did not want to do music that will run-of-the mill,” says Kher. But surprisingly, the singer who never opted to collaborate with any one before has announced a collaboration with Padmashri awardee singer Prahlad Tipanya for his fifth album.

It happened in a click for Kher whose mind was captivated by the music created by Tipanya when Kher had been to Tipanya’s concert organised in Tipanya’s village last year. Stunned by the simplicity and penetrative power of the music created by Prahlad, Kailash knew it immediately that he will be collaborating with Prahlad. Prahlad’s music made Kailash nostalgic and flooded his mind with childhood memories. “Prahladji’s singing reminded me of my father who was though not a trained singer but sang with much passion,” said Kher.

Prahlad, who is a teacher-principal in a small school in Madhya Pradesh, was awarded Padmashri in 2011.Tipanya creates music with a soul and rural touch believes Kher. “Today, with whatever little bit experience and means I have, I can hopefully take this music to its true audience in a new form,” beams Kher. “And I wish that the people who say there is no audience for genuine unaltered folk music could see the crowd pulling capability of these rural rock stars,” he adds.