Jumbo Jutts is ready with an Indian take on International music and it couldn’t get better!

Jumbo Jutts is ready with an Indian take on International music and it couldn’t get better!


Humara Shakkar gaana logo ko bohot pasand aaya. Toh public demand pe, WE ARE BACK!

Aur hum aapke liye laye hain humara naya gaana, “Sorry” by Justin bhaiya!

Two talented boys from the small town of Rishikesh formed a band called Jumbo Jutts. That’s all GG & Phunti were, until they burst onto the internet and created a furore. With original songs like SentiMental which was tweeted by the King Khan of Bollywood, SRK, along with lakhs of views and raving reviews under their belt they created a space for themselves that got them noticed and picked up by Y-Films!

This time around their newest outing – a crackling set of 8 new international songs over 8 weeks “Jumbo Covers” is a set of Hindi Covers of English songs. Jumbo Jutts started this as an experiment with “Sugar” by Maroon 5 redubbed as “Shakkar”, garnering thousands of views and positive feedback. They’ve got the A-listers like Coldplay, Drake, Adele etc. from around the globe on their Jumbo Cover radar also!

Check out “Maafi – Sorry (Justin Beiber) Cover” Here: http://


More Here: http://

Facebook share by Shah Rukh Khan on his birthday tribute by Jumbo Jutts

‘Its perhaps the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time. What a lovely song & thanks Jumbo Jutts. Best Gift!’ –

*Buzzfeed featured SentiMental too –

‘This is the Best Shah Rukh Khan Tribute video you’ll see all day’

Here are some of comments full of love for the Jumbo Jutts


‘You both are good. Awesome video, song, editing, everything

‘Amazing. Loved the song. And also the visual effects!!!! Splendid. Amazing job guys!!

‘Extremely happy to see Rishikesh’s name getting popular by you guys in this field too’

‘Shaandar jabardast zindabad

‘Only word I could find was “Monumental”  Mind blowing

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