Juhi Chawla takes class on Bigg Boss Double Trouble!

Juhi Chawla takes class on Bigg Boss Double Trouble!

Juhi Chawla takes class on Bigg Boss Double Trouble!1

Day 84 opens with Salman Khan reiterating that this weekend will hold a shock for the contestants with its double eviction. When he tunes into the house through Me TV, he sees that Prince is upset and jokes around with him about Nora. He gives him a piece of advice and says his attitude should always scream – “NEXT!” when it comes to girls and that Nora has admitted that her feelings were just for the show. He also jokingly adds that Nora and Yuvika are going for dinner the next day and they will be having Prince for dinner.

Juhi Chawla takes class on Bigg Boss Double Trouble!

Salman Khan then talks about the season nomination task and asks the housemates who all were scared to perform the task. Rochelle admits that  she was tad bit scared and even Kishwer agrees with her. Priya then brings up the topic of Rochelle being upset over not getting the season nomination trophy. Kishwer says that if Rochelle would have  not been grumpy, she would have given Rochelle the trophy because she considers Rochelle as her competition. Salman Khan looks at the positive side and tells Rochelle that she should consider it as a compliment and leave it there. Later, the housemates speak about whether they really believe that Keith can possibly win the show and majority says that don’t feel that Keith is deserving enough to be the winner.

Juhi Chawla takes class on Bigg Boss Double Trouble!-1

Later, Season 7 finalist Tanisha Mukherjee enters to have a heart to heart conversation and relieves them off the burden.  One by one, the contestants trail into the drilling room and speak their heart out. Salman Khan then welcomes her back on to the Bigg Boss stage when she speaks about how her experience and how it was a complete déjà vu moment for her when she entered inside the house.

Juhi Chawla takes class on Bigg Boss Double Trouble!-

Next to enter the house is the charming actress Juhi Chawla grooving to her popular number Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam through the confession room. The housemates are extremely happy to see Juhi visiting them and give her a warm welcome. She then turns into a teacher and takes a class for the housemates by asking them general knowledge questions. For every wrong answer, Juhi Chawla takes away two milk packets from the house. After having a great time in the house, Juhi takes their leave to meet Salman on the stage. She then tells Salman it is his turn to become student and asks him fun questions He then reminisces about his childhood  and reveals a few interesting trivia about his school days. Salman then goes on to say how he still stammers in front people he respects – like his father. Citing an example, he says that he found it tough to deliver dialogues while shooting with Alok Nath because of his seniority.

Juhi also says that she is the only actress who has the right to call Salman ‘bhai’ as she has never romanced him on screen. Further, Salman Khan reveals that he had recommended her name for one of the movies and when the directors approached her, she recommended Aamir Khan’s name instead!

Juhi Chawla takes class on Bigg Boss Double Trouble

When Juhi Chawla takes leave, Salman Khan once again tunes into the house to eliminate yet another contestant. Who will the second contestant to get evicted this week ?

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