Judgment Day leads to bitter relationships

Judgment Day leads to bitter relationships

As Captain Pritam gears up for his Judgment Day decisions the other housemates get nervous as to what this new day has to offer. Puneet and Dimpy are still reeling from the Museum task fight and can’t help but talk about how Pritam is behaving as a captain. Gautam and Diandra carry on with their romance while all other contestants start up with their household chores.

Bigg Boss launches the judgment day task in the afternoon where captain Pritam is asked to give out three names who he thinks should be immune from next week’s evictions. Other housemates are supposed to convince him as to why he should choose them for immunity. Upen, Karishma, Praneet and Ali talk to Pritam separately stating their points as to why they are capable for immunity. Puneet, Dimpy and Gautam avoid convincing Pritam for their immunity while Diandra as always is  least bothered. Pritam after listening to the concerned housemates come to a conclusion based on his observations.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss asks Pritam to punish two housemates who he feels did not perform well during his captaincy. Pritam punishes Puneet and Gautam stating that the two have behaved very negatively during the Museum task and were very impulsive in their reactions without full knowledge of the situation. Gautam and Puneet saw it coming and therefore did not react towards Pritam’s decisions.

In the evening Bigg Boss launches a popularity task where all the housemates are required to rank each other on the basis of their popularity in the show through a consensus.. Housemates rank Ali  number 1 as they feel he is the most entertaining contestant of the house and therefore audiences love to watch him every now and then in the show. As a reward Bigg Boss grants relief to Ali by lifting the ‘No Captaincy’ ban put upon him.

As the night prevails, Pritam’s captaincy comes to an end. Day 75 of the Bigg Boss house brings in a new set of thoughts gathering different set of people as some relationships drift apart even more while others move on.

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