The Tara Sharma Show: Diaries of a new Mum ( Season 2) is exactly that! A candid diary of Tara Sharma, an actor and a new mother. These video diaries capture her adventures with her babies Zen and Kai. These adventures were born out of a blog she has been writing about her excitement of being a mum and day to day thrills of raising Zen and Kai. When she realized she could be a working mother she decided to turn her blog in to video diaries.

Tara and her family’s adventures include a lot of traveling since Roopak (Tara’s husband) travels extensively for work. What ensues is hilarity, excitement and maybe a few baby tears as they globe trot to various places all over the world. (London. Darjeeling, Cannes. Thailand)

These video diaries have been edited into a show that highlights Zen and Kai’s milestones, capturing an age range from newborn to 4 years old, while showcasing Tara and Roopak’s ups and downs as they raise them to become hopefully good, happy and healthy people!

The show aims to bring awareness for various causes for kids. Tara also interacts with viewers and chats with celebrity friends and colleagues on their experiences as parents / grandparents or about their childhood. The show includes inputs from experts like pediatricians, etc.

This show is also a way for Tara to reach out to Mothers like her self who discover the joys and trials of motherhood. The tone of the show is not pedantic or patronizing. It isn’t a “How to” kit to parenting. She admits to not being an expert yet wanting to document her follies and adventures for mothers everywhere.

About The Tara Sharma Show – Diaries of a New Mum / Ek Nayi Ma ka Safar – Season 2.

Written by Tara Sharma

‘The Tara Sharma Show – Diaries of a New Mum – Season 2’, is exactly what the name suggests, a realistic diary of my experiences and adventures as a new Mum. The show is informal and often humorous with the personal touch of real experiences being recounted and demonstrated.

When I was pregnant and soon after our elder son Zen was born, I realised that I wanted to get back to work yet I was so enjoying being quite a hands-on-mum that I didn’t want to leave him for long periods of time and go for outdoor shoots etc. So I racked my brains to think of what I could do.

It dawned on me that I had seen several cooking shows, carpentry shows etc, but I had never seen an honest, maybe even humorous and helpful show about how to clean a baby’s potty, or give them a bath or even take them on a plane! I truly believe no one gets more advice than a pregnant woman or a new Mum, but it’s important to sift out what is useful and what may not be and allow each parent to do what works for them. So, soon I realised that I was on the most incredible journey of my life…having and bringing up our baby son Zen. What could be closer to my heart than actually documenting this phase of my life.

Being an actress, I had always wanted to do a TV Show and finally it dawned on me what the show should be about…my adventures as a mum! Hence was born, ‘The Tara Sharma Show – Ek Nayi Ma ka Safar – Season 1’ .

Touch wood Season 1 and 2 in Hindi on Colors and Nick were big successes and we have Season 3 coming soon too! But first we have the very exciting English version launching on Oct 18th on NDTV GT every Friday at 7:30pm. Double the fun, double the chaos and double the joy as by the finale of Season 1 our younger son Kai was born, so Season 2 is with 2 kids! Our adventures as a family of 4! So Season 2 will hopefully also be double as entertaining, helpful and successful as Season 1!

Now the show is in no way meant to be patronising and is not a rulebook to the perfect pregnancy or way to bring up a child. Rather it is just one way, our way.

I strongly believe each parent has their own way of doing things and each one’s way is right for them so in this show we are not trying to say ‘do this or don’t do that’. Yes, some things we do may be helpful to new parents but some things may not. So hopefully people can absorb what they want from it and in the process also be thoroughly entertained!

Apart from all that Season 1 had, Season 2 will also highlight the bond of siblings, the journey of bringing up a new born and also the adventures of bringing up a toddler. While I as a Mum slowly get back to work, acting and creating this show!

Also as Roopak travels a lot for work, and the kids and I love to travel with him, a lot of the episodes are travel episodes where we show fun things to do and not to do with a baby in various holiday and business trip destinations. In Season 1 we shot in Singapore, New York, Boston, Buffalo, Cape Town and of course Bombay!

And in Season 2 we have shot in London, Thailand, Cannes, Darjeeling and of course Bombay! So though I am hosting the show, Roopak is also very much a part of it! Combining my family life and career has definitely been a plus!

The show also shows me chatting with various celebrity friends. In Season 1 we had Konkona Sen Sharma, Riteish Deshmukh, Farah Khan, Zayed and Mallaika, Boman Irani, Suchitra Pillai, Parizad Kolah, Nandita Das, Rahul Bose etc about their experiences as new parents or their own childhood.

Season 2 will see more Celebrity friends chat with me about their experiences as new parents and/ or about their own childhood. Who they are is a surprise…so watch the show to find out!

The show is multiplatform, with a strong digital presence as well. The diary I write is a blog and there is also a large Facebook and Twitter @tarasharmasaluj community. And we encourage online feedback and interaction so it is a higly engaged online community. I ask as much advice as I give, and this is a very unique aspect of our show.

We have great sponsors, Johnson’s Baby is our Presenting Sponsor and we are thrilled with the association as it is a perfect fit and a brand we actually use and swear by. The immense research that goes into making the best possible baby & kids products and the over 100 year existence of the brand together with the fact that our kids love it, make it an ideal partner for Season 2 of our show.

My husband, Roopak Saluja owns a media company , The 120 Media Collective Private Limited of which the production company, Bang Bang Films, http:// , which is one of the top companies in the commercials production space for India and in the region and a content arm called Jack in the Box, are a part. I am co-producing the show with The 120 Media Collective.

2 of the best possible TV channels, Colors and Nickelodeon aired our show and now excitingly we are back with the English version of Season 2!

So ‘The Tara Sharma Show – Diaries of a New Mum Season 2’ airs from Oct 18th on NDTV Good Times!

Every Friday at 7:30pm with repeats on Saturday at 10:30am and Tues at 3pm.

 Do watch it, spread the word and we hope you lovvve it!

Profile Tara Sharma :

Tara is an actor and producer and more importantly as she says, a devoted Mum!
She has done about 15 films as an actress, some of which like Page 3, Masti and Khosla Ka Ghosla have been big hits. She has also done several ads. Tara and her husband Roopak have 2 small children, Zen and Kai. When they were born she started writing a

blog( about what she describes as ‘the most incredible journey of my life – bringing up our kids’. In an attempt to be a hands on mum and get back to work, Tara successfully turned her blog into a multi platform show which she has conceptualized and hosts and co-produces with The 120 Media Collective. Her show, ‘The Tara Sharma Show – Diaries of a New Mum’ , has had two successful Seasons on TV (Colors and Nick) and the show is now going into Season 3. Also Season 2 in English launches on Oct 18th every Friday at 7:30pm on NDTV Good Times. Do catch it! She is an alumni of BIS, UWC and LSE and worked at Accenture before following her passion to act and create in the entertainment world. She is also committed to various social causes, especially for children, and tries to help where she can.