JESSICA BIEL wants to be a CIA operative

JESSICA BIEL wants to be a CIA operative

The Sony Picture’s film Total Recall, the reboot of the original Total Recall, which releases worldwide on August 3rd, is based on the short story of Philip K Dick “We can remember it for you wholesale”. This film stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel in the lead roles and is directed by Len Wiseman.

The film Total Recall is a sci-fi action thriller and all the leads have done some serious butt kicking in the film. And if grapevines are to be believed then actress Jessica seems to have taken the action part a tad too seriously!

Confirming about this was the statement given by Colin to a journalist. Colin says, “I came in one morning and I heard someone hitting the punch bag in the corner and it sounded as though they were giving it a merciless beating. And then I realized it was Biel. She is tough.” When the audience will watch the film they will probably agree with Colin’s statement.

Jessica says she was just 8 years old when the film Total Recall was released and though she didn’t watch the film too attentively then but she never had thought she would be a part of the remake. Sharing her experience while shooting Total Recall, Biel says she was quite apprehensive about her action sequences. “I am a good mimic. And if there is somebody to show me how it is done, it’s all good. While shooting for Total Recall, there were days when I couldn’t get some of the action sequences out of my head. In other roles, you don’t get to use your body that often. Action is a stress buster; it allows you to let it all out,” she adds.

Fascinated by the character of Quaid, Beil says if she was given a chance to enter Rekall and get a memory for a lifetime she would want to be a CIA operative. “I’ve always been fascinated by detectives and secret agents,” she says, “So maybe I would work on something like a murder unit. I know that sounds a little bit morbid, but I’m one of those people who are obsessed with [the TV show] 48 Hours. I love that kind of stuff. I’m interested in crime and why people do what they do.” This is one reason why she loves the intrigue and intricate plotting that ripples through Total Recall.