Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Concludes ‘Visit Japan Trade Seminar’ in New Delhi and Mumbai

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Concludes ‘Visit Japan Trade Seminar’ in New Delhi and Mumbai


Japan National Tourism Organization along with a strong delegation from Japan comprising of Participating Partners successfully concluded ‘Visit Japan Trade Seminar’ in Delhi and Mumbai. The ‘Visit Japan Trade Seminar’ was organized in New Delhi on February 2 and in Mumbai on February 3, 2015.

The trade seminars had participation of delegates from trade members comprising airlines, hotels, and popular attractions, such as Home of Mt. Fuji-Shizuoka, Nagano Prefecture, Tour Quality Japan, Fujikyu Group, Hokkaido Tourism Organisation, Osaka Government Tourism Bureau, Hyatt Regency Osaka, Air India Osaka Office, Ayabex Inc, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways.

The delegation held business sessions with the Indian trade partners in addition to interacting with the media thereby creating a strong platform of information exchange. The delegation met more than 200 trade partners during the course of the seminars in the two cities. The objective was to update the travel trade community and the media organisations about the latest developments and product offering in Japan.

‘Visit Japan Trade Seminar’ also had presentations by Mr. Hideki Manabe, Executive Director, Japan National Tourism Organization and Mr.Toshi hiko Yamahoshi, Councillor, Embassy of Japan and from partners like, Mr. Michikoo Nakamori of Hokkaido Tourism Organisation; Mr. Hiroyuki Ashizawa of Home of Mt. Fuji-Shizuoka; Mr. Hideki Kasahara of Tour Quality Japan and Mr. Harunobu Ota of Clair Singapore who showcased their destinations and services to the Indian partners and the media. JNTO also invited Ms. Anoothi Vishal, renowned food and travel writer to talk about her experiences when she travelled to Japan.

Last year Japan welcomed 11,009,000 tourists, a growth of about 27% compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. During this period 73,600 Indians visited Japan – a growth of more than 15% over the last year.

Japan as one of the preferred destinations has seen positive growth trends over the years owing to endless opportunities for various categories of travelers seeking to explore the Country’s art & culture, music, literature, architecture, cuisine, bio-diversity, unique blend of modern and well preserved historical aspects.

About Japan National Tourism Organization Japan National Tourism Organization was established in the year 1964 with the purpose to further international exchange through tourism. JNTO is involved in a broad range of activities promoting travel to Japan through various activities overseas as well as tourism-promoting activities in Japan.

The activities include operating Tourist Information Centers in Japan for foreign visitors, arranging reception facilities for foreign visitors, promoting international conventions and trade fairs, operating offices in key cities around the world, conducting tourism-related research, publishing travel literature and videos about Japan.

JNTO maintains 14 offices in key cities around the world, through which a wide range of tourism- related promotions are carried out. Each overseas office is responsible for promoting travel and tourism to Japan; one of the most important functions is to help the travel industry encourage their clients to visit Japan. The activities of the overseas JNTO offices include providing up-to-date information on travel to and in Japan, participating in local travel fairs and exhibitions, assisting in developing tours to Japan, supplying free brochures to the travel industry, lending display materials, prize-winning films and video tapes for travel professionals to show to their clients