Jacqueline Fernandez a pro at the Headstand .

Jacqueline Fernandez a pro at the Headstand .

Jacqueline Fernandez who makes looking hot ever so easy has taken up to yoga in a huge way, as she practices the art form thrice a week.

If that wasn’t all, the actress is also a pro at a yogic-headstand referred to as the Sirshasana, the first and most important of the 12 basic postures of hatha yoga which is known to have numerous benefits.

Extremely challenging and dangerous to perform, there are several risks associated with the pose, as the entire body’s weight has to be balanced on the neck.

Says a source, “Jacqueline discovered yoga about 5 years ago and ever since swears by it.She has a personal yoga instructor and practices it for an hour everyday, five days a week.Jacqueline is so good at it now that she can flawless perform the Sirshasana i.e the yogic headstand minus a wall for support and this is something very few can do .Experts can perform this asana only after years of practice”.