Its Emotions Galore On Bigg Boss 11

Its Emotions Galore On Bigg Boss 11- Bigg Boss 11 synopsis – Day 63

Family members come to meet the contestants in Bigg Boss 11

Now that the family members of the gharwale have settled into the padosi house, they are slowly getting involved in the various tasks of Bigg Boss 11. While Day 1 tested the contestants as they tried to impress the new padosis, Day 2 will show the real bonds between the gharwale and their family members.

It is said that ignorance is bliss, but is that the case in the Bigg Boss house? Today, contestants must do their best to ignore 1 inmate for a stipulated time as that contestant tries their best to attract attention and get a reaction from the rest of the housemates. Hina Khan is the first one to take on the task and tries everything possible to grab everyone’s attention. She even fakes a fall and an injury but realizes that the contestants are too engrossed in the task to pay attention to her fall! On his turn, Priyank upturns the garbage bin across the kitchen floor and puts liquid soap on Luv and Vikas. Shilpa tries to distract the gharwale with some dance moves.

As Akash’s turn comes on, we see disagreements rising in the padosi house. Vikas’ mother implies that Akash is doing wrong things and ends up hurting Akash’s mother’s feelings. She is inconsolable and stands by Akash and his actions within the house; she then reveals the tough childhood that Akash had as Bandagi, Rocky and Ashutosh (Shilpa’s bother) console her.

Padosis have to, now, with mutual consent decide who performed the best in the task. It is clear that Mastermind Vikas gets his strategic instinct from his mother; as we notice how she convinces the padosis on ranking the task. Things heat up and soon she insists that Vikas be given Zero points for the task; only to prove her point. Vikas takes offense on this and says that the task is unfair as an ex-contestant is brought in who has ulterior motives vis-à-vis mothers who only want their children to succeed.

Will the padosi, with aapsi sehmati, decide on the winner of this task?

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