Ishkq in Paris – Film Review Go watch it for Preity as Ishkq & Paris –for what it stands for!!!

Ishkq in Paris – Film Review

                                    Go watch it for Preity as Ishkq & Paris –for what it stands for!!!

Film: Ishkq in Paris.

Producer: PZNZ Media.

Director: Prem Raj Soni

Cast: Preity Zinta, Rhehaan Malliek, Isabelle Adjani.

Genre: Romance.


Preity Zinta’s maiden production ‘’Ishkq in Paris’’- Is a tribute of sorts to the stunning architectural wonder that Paris stands for, very beautifully & extensively captured with the Eiffel Tower acting as the icing on the cake. The huge monumental wonder never looked so grand, with all the lights & splendor, especially one picturesque panorama shot of Paris in the night, with all the lights all around & the Eiffel Tower standing tall & elegant.

            There is no second doubt that Preity is truly in love with the Paris of France & the title of her maiden venture ‘Ishkq’(her screen name) in Paris.

            Prem Soni’s love of Paris & the character of Ishkq does full justice to his creation, portrayed by  Preity Zinta after a hiatus of virtually 5-6 years during which she kept herself busy with IPL cricket Franchise. Prem Raj to his credit & tenacity for having survived a grave ailment has made Preity look most pretty & beautiful even at this age in all the possible fashion gear at his disposal to match with the romantic ambience of Paris of France.

               It is not just the directors contribution but Preity’s inputs as well that can never be mistaken. As for the rest part, the film has turned out to be a real love story of the contemporary times. Preity did take a chance with a really unconventional route in Romance territory. Both the main protagonists Ishkq (Preity Zinta) & Akash (Rhehaan Malliek) meet on a train journey & get to know each other, where in they decide to spend a night exploring Paris. Both are commitment phobic & so marriage is not their cup of tea. So its magnificent Eiffel tower they begin their outing with-followed by the dictates of the dice, they wine, dine, dance & travel length & breadth of Paris by night & for dialogues they have a take on Pick up lines & if at all required to profess love than the mono acts are there to satiate the urge to display the emotions of love & affection..

Rhehaan Malliek as Akash –the man from London is the so called Muse of the Ishkq in Paris for one night. Rhehaan has impressive eyes, but that’s that….

          The sad part of the whole story is that there is no connect whatsoever & so you don’t tend to get involved. In a 100 minute ordeal-the first half gets over with the one night wanderings & they part never to meet again, but in the second part Rhehaan returns back on the pretext of attending his best friends wedding in Paris & very conveniently spots Ishkq & starts an exercise in creating a love angle typical of all the romantic capers we see day in day out.

          The momentum is lost! Had it not been for the chirpiness & cute bubbly Preity we have been seeing all these years, it could have been a task sitting through the humdrum drama. A special mention of Isabelle Adjani-a reputed star of French cinema, tries to be the character, but has nothing much to do. Music by Sajid-Wajid is passé but camera work is Top class.

Go watch it for Preity as Ishkq & Paris –for what it stands for!!!