Ishaqzaade was not the first choice for it’s title.

The first title for the Ishaqzaade was ‘Tewar’ which means attitude. Surely the film depicts attitude but the team thought over it for a couple of days and started having a second thought for the title of the film.

They then came to a conclusion that its not just attitude but the combination of a love story and attitude, thus the film is now titled as ‘Ishaqzaade’ as we now know. It was however a collective decision taken by the team after a few meetings took place.

The entire team loved the title Ishaqzaade and felt it perfectly fit the film, also it precisely justified the nature of the film.

One of the leading light of Ishaqzaade, Parineeti Chopra has already swept mostly all awards as a debutant for her previous film.

Arjun Kapoor is first cousin of Sonam Kapoor who is seen supporting and cheering her brother, by regularly tweeting about the film and its new songs which is also trending at a large scale on the internet.

The film releases on 11th may..

The first trailer created quiet a buzz on social networking titles. Arjun already has created a fan following waiting for his first film to release.