Is Sonali Raut pretending to be in love with Gautam Gulati to continue in Bigg Boss?

Is Sonali Raut pretending to be in love with Gautam Gulati to continue in Bigg Boss?

We have seen various couples finding the right one for them inside the Bigg Boss house but as they say “Finding Love is never easy.”  Sonali is one housemate in Bigg Boss 8 who aptly relates to this saying. We witnessed Sonali confessing her feelings to Gautam few days back. This happened during a conversation with Gautam when he tells Sonali that I like you, to which she responded saying – “You like me but I love you.”

Another such incident happened during the a task for this week when Gautam and Sonali got some time to spend with each other as they went shopping for the luxury budget outside the Bigg Boss house. Gautam while sharing his shopping experience with Puneet and Dimpy stated that, Sonali asked him if he will date her. She also asked him what’s going on between him and Diandra. Dimpy who is amazed and extremely intrigued to know the whole incident asked what was Gautam’s response to this. Gautam explained that he changed the topic telling Sonali let the show get over then we will see. He also claimed that Sonali tried to get cozy with him and   tried to leave a lipstick mark on his face while coming back in the car.  Gautam further added saying that Sonali is scared to get evicted from the show and so she is trying to play a romantic track to come into the limelight. Gautam also requested Puneet and Dimpy not to reveal this to anyone as he doesn’t want Sonali to get unnecessary attention. Puneet agrees with Gautam. Dimpy looks confused but keeps mum. Simultaneously Sonali is seen sitting beside Upen telling him her part of the Shopping experience and doesn’t not mention her secret stint with Gautam.

Do you think Sonali wants to get linked with Gautam for the show or has she really fallen for the blue eyed boy?  Will she be able to woo Gautam, we will have to wait and watch.