Introducing you to the World of Bangistan

Introducing you to the World of Bangistan

Bangistan is a new country in the making. Bangistan is welcoming new citizens. Anyone interested in being part of this country can register online at

Notable facts about the Country:

Official Languages: Hindi, Urdu
Currency: Bangs (420 Bangs = $1 US)
National Animal: Lamb
National Bird :Dove
The political system comprises of several small ragtag groups, including Al Kaam-Tamaam in the North, and Maa Ka Dal in the South.

The national publication is The Bangistan Times which promises quirky interesting news with rapidity

Hangout places in Bangistan:


Star*ucks कॉफ़ी: Star*ucks™ is South Bangistan’s most trendy and happening coffee shop. The joint prides itself for using only fresh cow milk, brought in directly from the next-door tabela/farm. Coffee is served here in traditional earthen cups known as kulhads, as well as in hand-painted takeaway cups.


– FcDonalds™: FcDonalds™ is North Bangistan’s most popular restaurant, and it’s reputation of serving ‘Killer Fast Food’ is well earned.


– Chaandistan: Chaandistan the only place in the world where one can observe moon-like terrain. Locals believe it to be the patch of the earth from which the moon broke off during the formation of the universe.


Badminton Ghat: Badminton Ghat is the most prominent of many ghats along the River Baingan. It derives its name from the Sadhus-only annual badminton competition held here. It is also a popular evening hangout spot for the youth of South Bangistan.