International Landscape & nursery Gardening Expo 2012

International Landscape & nursery Gardening Expo 2012

Siler jubilee celebration of Indian nurserymen association

New Delhi: The three day event of International Landscape and Gardening from 13th of December to 15th December, organised by Indian Nurserymen Association (INA), started with the inauguration by Mr Chandarpal Yadav- President NCUI in order to celebrate their silver jubilee at IARI Exhibition Ground, PUSA, New Delhi. Much to the delight of the nature loving Delhites this show displayed some very unique species of plants from all over the world.

The event witnessed the participation of as many as 150 nursery men from all over the country who are exhibiting different varieties of plants. Along with the show of diverse variety of plants and flowers visitors will be educated about the simple, innovative techniques and the best available tools used for gardening in this three day event. Delegates from various countries from Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand etc marked their presence in order to exchange their art of agriculture, horticulture and various products used by them.


The highlights of Nursery and Landscape Expo will include

+Educational Seminars

+Display of unique designs of amusement parks, golf, playground, and fountain & leisure industry.

Exhibitors’ Profile

The exhibitors of Nursery and Landscape Expo are exhibiting the latest products and services including latest equipment, modern tools and techniques and contemporary methods of gardening and landscaping.

“In a country like India where gardening has mostly been considered as a hobby for some individuals, the Nursery and Landscape Expo seeks to add a commercial dimension to it” says Ram Niwas, one of the members of the organising committee.

“I am very fond of gardening and creating landscapes in my backyard. This exhibition has proven to be very fruitful as I have bought few new flowers and could see the simple, beautiful and new ways of enhancing my private lawn”. Says one of the visitors

Besides eminent agriculture scientists and horticulture experts will address the audience on a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, tuber crops, floriculture, ornamental plants, medicinal and aromatic plants, spices, food processing and bee keeping. Visitors will come across variety of opportunities to learn about the new products, new trends in the business during the event.