International artist Druv Kent to release a single for Father’s day

International artist Druv Kent to release a single for Father’s day

Over 1000 Father-Son images sourced through a Facebook campaign will be part of the ‘I’m Still Riding’ video A father is usually a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love!

With Father’s Day around the corner, it is time to remember the man who stood tall in each of our lives from the day we were born. It was this sentiment that drove Singapore/UK artist Druv Kent to write his new single, ‘I’m Still Riding’ for his father.

The track is part of his forthcoming debut album, ‘About Time’, to be released digitally in the coming months. About the track, Drug says, “The relationships we have with our fathers is often understood only in time. ‘I’m Still Riding’ is about loving our fathers – and letting them know we do!” Druv has written the song in the form of a letter to his father to express gratitude for the lessons passed on over a lifetime.

While the relationship between a daughter and her father is a more celebrated one, Druv wanted to use the video narrative to toast the father-son bond, an emotion he feels is not talked about enough. Druv kickstarted a Facebook campaign asking people to send their Father-Son images and video clips. To his pleasant surprise, he received over 1000 submissions and went through the daunting task of putting them together. “I was truly overwhelmed by peoples’ willingness to step forward and share their most intimate moments for this project. It only reinforced my to share this piece of my life.” The video is directed by Puneet Rakheja and produced by Natasha Malhotra of Jump Films.

Druv Kent managed to put together an enviable band of musicians for the single and his forthcoming album. The song ‘I’m Still Riding’ is pre-produced by Tim Bradshaw (John Mayer, David Gray) in the UK. “To get some of the world’s eminent artists to invest in my music has been gratifying and humbling at the same time.” The song is produced by Calum Maccoll (Ronan Keating) and Simon Edwards (Fairground Attraction), who also play guitar and bass on the track, respectively. Clive Deamer (Radiohead, Portishead) plays drums and Mikey Rowe (Oasis, Sheryl Crow, Noel Gallagher) is on keyboards. This song was recorded in Livingston Studios, London, which has been used variously by some of the biggest names, including Robert Plant, REM, and Kanye West.

The video will be released on June 19th, Friday.


Celebrate precious moments with your father with ‘I’m Still Riding’ this Father’s Day.