Industry biggies file Petition for the cause of New Wave Indie Cinema

Industry biggies file Petition for the cause of New Wave Indie Cinema

Flagging off their campaign on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, 14 film personalities came together to jointly file an ICP – Indie Cinema Petition, to fight against the threat New Wave Indie Cinema of India is facing.

The Petition was jointly filed by National Award winning  film makers     Aparna Sen, Ashutosh Gowariker , Ashvin Kumar ,Buddhadev Das Gupta, Girish Kasaravalli, Goutam Ghosh, Jahnu Barua , Janaki Viswanathan,   Nila Madav Panda , Onir,  Rituparno Ghosh,Sachin Kundalkar  , Suman Mukhopadhyay , Umesh Kulkarni, Vinay Shukla,   film makers  Kaushik  Mukherjee(Q),Subhash Kapoor and Academy Award( Oscar) and National Award winning Sound Engineer Resul Prookutty as a plea to save indie cinema in India.

With an aim to convince the authorities to provide a certain percentage of the monies allotted by the government towards celebrating Indian Cinema to build 400 mini theatres that will screen non-commercial independent movies, the campaigners plan to go online with their petition to the Indian Government prior to approaching the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

Says director Onir “Multiplexes would rather screen blockbusters and show their generosity to us independent filmmakers by giving us random morning shows when no one goes to the movies. We need theatres that would cater exclusively to smaller-budgeted independent films. So yes, 14 of us, mostly National award winners, are campaigning for Rs 200 crore out of the Rs 600 crore to be set aside for 100 years of Indian cinema. If we don’t, there may not be anything left for independent filmmakers to celebrate 100 years hence.”

Says Academy Award( Oscar) and National Award winning Sound Engineer Resul Pookutty, “It’s a reasonable demand and one that would substantially ease the pressure on independent filmmakers on how to get a decent release for their films.”

Please check the link, sign and spread the word