Indian athlete Indrajeet Singh shares success tips with the students

Indian athlete Indrajeet  Singh shares success tips with the students

sports day - pictures 1 - indrajeet Singh with guests and children

Indian shot put player Mr. Indrajeet Singh, who won the gold medal for India at the Asian Athletics Championships in 2015, said that a student should study hard to be successful in competitive examinations, but adopting games and sports are must for achieving success in our life.

Mr. Indrajeet Singh while addressing gathering on the 1st Annual Sports Day of The Wisdom Tree (TWT) School, Greater Noida, said students should play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life. He asserted that only education does not fulfill the criteria of being well organized social member of society. Victory or defeat is not final but participation and courage count. Sports make a person mentally strong to deal with success and failure equally which is also a best lesson of life.

Indrajeet singh

He was delighted to see the large number of young children participating enthusiastically. He appreciated the efforts of the participants and said that we all learn more outside the class through the medium of sports which is like a rejuvenating therapy for all. Whether you won a medal or not, you are all winners. Sports, whether team based or individual are a great activity for children that provide us a variety of benefits other than physical fitness. Participation in sports can help build self-esteem, confidence and can motivate children to excel academically and can help build their social skills. It even teaches children the ways and benefits of goal setting & practice.

chairman welcoming indrajeet singh

In his address, he also applauded the school Chairman & principal, for their outstanding achievements in shaping up this school with their rich experience in the field of education. He shared his life experiences with the parents and students

Chief Guest along with Chairman Mr. K.K Srivastav and Principal of The Wisdom Tree School distributed Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and certificates to the winners.

Indrajeet singh with children of TWT

Chairman Mr. K K Srivastav advised the students to spend time on games and sports because it never affect education but lead towards personality development and responsibilities. They learn cooperation, teamwork, leadership methods and time management and chance to show their hidden talents. He said that participation in sports and games may not ensure immediate gain but it is not fruitless. According to him such activities gradually builds up a healthy body and makes the mind of one energetic.

(by Vinod Kumar)