India Today Launches Women’s Health magazine in india Today, on stands now, grab your first copy!

WithSuper Fit & Sexy Anushka Sharma on the cover of the inaugural issue

The IndiaToday Group launches its very first edition of Women’s Health India.US-based Rodale Inc, the publishers of Women’s Health magazine across 26countries, has partnered with India Today Group to present world’sfastest growing magazine in India. With a tag line ‘Fit is the NewSexy’, the Indian edition has been positioned to appeal to thesensibilities of the new generation of contemporary, confident and ambitiousyoung Indian woman in the age group of 20s and 30s – who is looking for aresource that helps her achieve her potential, her passions and her personalbest! Women’s Health has been a reservoir of health, fitness and stylefor women the world over. The 27th international edition, Women’s HealthIndia continues to match the exacting standards set by its cousins around theworld.

Sharingher insights on the launch of the magazine in India, Mala Sekhri, ChiefOperating Officer, Lifestyle Group, India Today Group said, “It is avery significant launch for us, as Indian women are more evolved and there is agrowing focus on looking good and having a great body. We are looking forwardto launching the magazine to fulfill its global vision to become the ultimatefitness & health guide for each and every young and confident woman inIndia.”

Sanghamitra Chakraborty, Editor, Women’s Health India said “Today women are moreindependent and are in the forefront of the change. Women’s Health Indiais a magazine that speaks its mind without being judgmental. Our boldness,sense of humour and honesty is exactly what women want – they appreciate easy,smart, fun choices, not suggestions for unrealistic life changes.”

Themagazine focuses on women’s health, nutrition, fitness, sex and lifestyle. Ithas 14 international editions across the United States, United Kingdom,Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Latin America, China, Germany, Chile,Philippines, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey, reaching more than 12 millionreaders globally.  Women’s Health was introduced in the US by Rodale 2005. Together Women’s Health and Men’s Health magazines are called apower couple.

Thecontent can be defined in two parts broadly- one ‘Healthier and Fitter life’that includes health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss, the other ‘Upgradingyour Life’, which includes beauty, style, sex, relationships and life skills.The cover stories of the magazine will typically be Bollywood celebs’success secrets, fitness and diet regimes and their beauty secrets.

About Women’s Health:

Women’s Health is the fastestgrowing women’s magazine, worldwide. It is lively, fun and provocative,and addresses 360 degrees of life for the new generation of contemporary,confident, ambitious women. It will connect with readers in the frank,irreverent voice of a trusted girlfriend, who is compassionate and generous ofspirit and not afraid of speaking her mind without being judgmental. Theclever, service-driven content transcends the title; making the magazine a trueone-stop shop lifestyle resource for millions of women who are making their mark.

The Women’sHealth reader is a woman in her 20s or 30s who came of age with a sense ofconfidence and the knowledge that anything is possible. She is active, accomplished,health conscious, confident woman who seeks the knowledge and power to help herselfimprove her own life and the lives of those around her. She isnot a follower. She is making her own rules and carving out a life for herselfthat is completely her own. She’s making choices that will make herhappy. Women’s Health is her resource that helps her achieve herpotential, her passions and her personal best.

About Rodale:

Rodale, Inc., is an Americanpublisher of health and wellness magazines, books, and digital properties.[1] Rodaleis headquartered in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. It publishes some of the mostwell-known health and wellness lifestyle magazines, including Men’s Health and Prevention. It is also one of the largestindependent book publishers in the United States. The company has published acollection of bestsellers, including An Inconvenient Truth and Eat This, Not That.

About India Today Group:

TheIndia Today Group is India’s leading, diversified media group withinterests in magazine, newspaper, television, radio, Internet and bookpublishing. It is India’s largest magazine publisher with print titles inthe current affairs, general interest, lifestyle and business segments. Eachmagazine is a market leader in its segment. The group boasts India’slargest magazine distribution network as well as India’s largestsubscription database backed by India’s most widely watched 24-hour newschannel. The India Today Group has successful licensing partnerships to publishother leading global media brands such as Reader’s Digest, Prevention, Cosmopolitan,Golf Digest, Men’s Health, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s BAZAAR andScientific American in India. In addition, the Group also represents Time andFortune magazines.