INDIA STATS : Aadhar makes impressive progress in Maharashtra

INDIA STATS : Aadhar makes impressive progress in Maharashtra

More than 40 crore Aadhar numbers issued till end of July 2013.

Andhra Pradesh top performer, followed by Maharashtra.

New Aadhar enabled services to help residents to authenticate identity anytime, anywhere.

Unique Identification Authority of India, UIDAI has reiterated that the target of 60 crore Aadhaar enrolments will be achieved by 2014. More than 40 crore 29  lakh Aadhaar numbers have been issued till date and the process is continuing at a healthy pace. Only in the month of July, 2013, about Two Crore Aadhaar numbers have been generated. It has also announced the setting up of permanent enrolment centres in various states to enroll residents who have been either left out in earlier enrolment drives or for those who wish to update their Aadhaar data. Recently, UIDAI also unveiled three new Aadhaar-Enabled Services viz. Authentication services using Iris, Authentication service using One Time Pin and eKYC ( Electronic-Know Your Customer) service, all of which have been developed to empower residents to authenticate anytime, anywhere using a digital platform.

State-wise Aadhaar generated data until 31st July ’2013 (large states)

State Aadhaar Generated
Andhra Pradesh                     65,941,390
Maharashtra                     62,697,942
Madhya Pradesh                     27,773,394
Kerala                     27,472,963
Karnataka                     26,125,496
Rajasthan                     25,550,302
Tamil Nadu                     24,452,774
West Bengal                     19,475,326
Jharkhand                     18,816,464
Punjab                     18,252,336
Delhi                     14,475,446
Gujarat                     12,835,910
Uttar Pradesh                     11,913,950
Haryana                       9,290,205
Odisha                       8,841,776
Himachal Pradesh                       5,887,076
Bihar                       2,880,470
Uttarakhand                       1,300,505
Jammu and Kashmir                           138,661

PIB Mum/Source: Planning Commission/19.8.2013