Camphor Cinema, an independent film production company introduces their first film ‘Ramanujan’, an Indo- British collaboration. Set in the early 1900’s the film revolves around the life and times of the Mathematical prodigy ‘Srinivasa Ramanujan’. The film is tentatively slated to release by the end of 2013 in English and Tamil.

Extensively researched by the screenwriter and director, Gnana Rajasekaran, the film aims to establish the authentic life story and achievements of Ramanujan. It is being produced simultaneously in both languages. The first shooting schedule which commenced on May 15th, 2013 is complete.

The film stars Abhinay, the grandson of the legendary Gemini Ganesan, donning the role of ‘Ramanujan’, Malayali actress Bhama, Suhasini Maniratnam wife of the renowned director Mani Ratnam and the established British stage and screen actor, Kevin McGowan. It also features Indian actors Abbas, Nizhalgal Ravi, Delhi Ganesh, Y. G. Mahendran and Sarath Babu and British actors Michael Lieber and Richard Walsh playing vital roles.

Camphor Cinema has roped in renowned and national award winning personalities; Screenwriter and Director Gnana Rajasekaran, Editor B. Lenin, Cinematographer Sunny Joseph, Art Director P. Krishnamurthy and Music Director ‘Ramesh Vinayagam’ for their first venture.

With ‘Ramanujan’, Camphor Cinema aims to acquaint the national and international audience with the struggles of an Indian mathematical genius, his perseverance that would serve as a source of inspiration to the younger generation. The production company is co-founded by four young entrepreneurs: Srivatsan Nadathur, Sushant Desai, Sharanyan Nadathur and Sindhu Rajasekaran. The company aspires to produce films that appeal to audiences across international borders.

Sushant Desai, producer of Camphor Cinema, said “Sushant Desai, producer of Camphor Cinema said, “It has been an exciting journey forming Camphor Cinema and producing ‘Ramanujan’… A period film is a challenging task in itself and the fact that the film is being shot simultaneously in two languages and in two different continents!”

He further adds,With an international cast and crew, this has been an interesting collaboration. We are keeping the authenticity of the character and history, and are following Ramanujan’s journey from Kumbakonam to Cambridge. This is Camphor Cinema’s fist endeavor and our aim is to produce films that tell human stories and bridge the gap between “art” and “commercial” categories.”

About the ‘Ramanujan’ crew:

The crew of the film comprises of renowned, experienced and multiple time national award winners namely Screenwriter and Director Gnana Rajasekaran [ ‘Mogha Mul’ (1995, Tamil), ‘Bharati’ (2000, Tamil) and ‘Periyar’ (2007, Tamil), ‘Mugham’ (1999, Tamil)],   Editor B. Lenin [ ‘Uthiripookkal’ (1979, Tamil), ‘Kadhalan’ (1995, Tamil), ‘Mouna Ragam’ (1986, Tamil),, ‘Nayak – The Real Hero’ (2001, Hindi), and ‘Eli My Friend’ (English),  ‘Ooruku Nooruper’ (2002, Tamil)], Cinematographer Sunny Joseph [‘Piravi’ (1988, Malayalam), ‘Train to Pakistan’ (1998, Hindi), and ‘Ami, Yasin Ar Amar Madhubala’ (2007, Bengali)], Art Director P. Krishnamurthy [‘Madhavacharya’ (1986, Kannada), ‘Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha’ (1989, Malayalam), Night Shyamalam’s film, ‘Praying With Anger’ (1992, English), ‘Indira’ (1996, Tamil) and ‘Bharati’ (2000, Tamil)] and music director ‘Ramesh Vinayagam’ [‘Yei, Nee Romba Azagha Irukke’ (2002, Tamil), ‘Nala Dhamayanthi’ (2003, Tamil) and ‘Azagiya Theeye’ (2004,Tamil). Ramesh has also sung songs in many films, including ‘Sada Siva’ for the film ‘Khaleja’ (2010, Telugu)].  The costume designer of the film is Sakunthala Rajasekaran who is known for the historical Tamil feature film ‘Periyar’ (2007) and an experimental Tamil film ‘Mugam’ (1999).

About Camphor Cinema:

Camphor Cinema is an independent film production company that aims to bridge the gap between “art” and “commercial” films at an Indian and  global level. The production company is co-founded by four young entrepreneurs: Srivatsan Nadathur, Sushant Desai, Sharanyan Nadathur and Sindhu Rajasekaran

Srivatsan and Sharanyan are Web Solutions entrepreneurs in IT; Sushant is a real-estate entrepreneur, and Sindhu is a writer. They together strive to incorporate multifarious ideas into the company.

Their love for films and the drive to bring together teams of like-minded people to make films continued. It was late last year that their idea transformed to reality and Camphor Cinema was formed.