‘In my saddest moments, I am with Suhana,’ says SRK on #fame

‘In my saddest moments, I am with Suhana,’ says SRK on #fame

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Bollywood buffs across the country were in for a special treat this year as the Baadshah, Shah Rukh Khan, went live on #fame to wish happy Eid to all his fans. Immaculately attired in a white pathani suit, the actor answered questions put forth by viewers on #fame on his upcoming movies, Eid celebrations, childhood memories and more…

Reminiscing the good old days spent with his family during Eid, SRK said that his fondest memories associated with the festival were those of his childhood days. He recalled, “I remember going for namaaz on a two-wheeler with my uncle, I remember several delicacies being cooked at home, I remember meeting and greeting relatives and friends. Most of the time was spent praying, post which we used to visit relatives or they used to come down to our place.”

The actor added that whenever the question about his most memorable Eid cropped up, he thinks it is always the next one. “Maybe I have grown so old that I don’t remember which has been the most special! What I really miss at these times are my parents and my sister. I don’t know all the rituals of Eid well, and all my family members look up to me to follow the customs. So, I really miss all those whom I lost at an early age.”

Apart from being a great actor, the King of Bollywood is a doting parent too! While the actor said it is for his kids to judge him as a parent, he also admitted that he is an easy-going parent and the kids feel free to discuss and share anything, anytime with him. But SRK does not like to intrude into the personal space of his daughter, Suhana. He said, “Although she’s close to me, I give her the space she requires. In my saddest moments, I am with her.”

When quizzed about the first movie he had ever seen, the actor said it is Dev Anand-starrer Joshila directed by Yash Chopra. “That’s how my mom treated me when I scored 10/10 in Hindi.”

While SRK gears up for the release of  Dear Zindagi along with Alia Bhatt in November 2016, he still awaits a perfect release date of Rahul Dholakia’s Raees. As per reports, the crime-drama was set to hit the silver screen along with Salman Khan-starrer Sultan, but he along with the makers of the film pushed the date of Raees to January 2017. Now, we hear that Hrithik Roshan- starrer Kaabil has also fixed a same day release as of Raees. SRK is in talks with the makers of Kaabil to push the release date further in order to avoid the clash of two big films. SRK said, “Both the movies will suffer if they  are released on the same day. In order to avoid such a situation we are trying to find a middle ground and talk to the makers of Kaabil to avert any kind of clash.”

Apart from movies, all SRK fans eagerly await the launch of his autobiography titled Twenty Years In A Decade. While the actor has been working on the book for long, he finds it difficult to take time out from his busy schedule and devote it entirely on finishing the book. He said, “I am still writing the book and want to complete it soon; I shall resume writing before my next shoot begins.”