Imran Khan on an art attack!

Imran Khan on an art attack !

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Imran Khan was recently invited for the India Conference at Harvard. During his visit, the actor encountered various forms of street art. Wherever the actor has been going, he has been looking out for street art. The actor is a connoisseur of art and has been intensively exploring his love for it.
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Imran has been capturing all these beautiful picture’s of street art and making a bank of it. The actor also visited the Palace of fine arts in San Francisco recently which he wanted to visit since a while. On his visit the actor was in love with the beautiful Palace. His love for art is also visible on his social media platforms where the actor has been sharing pictures of various street art.
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Imran shares, “I have always loved art, and street art in LA is some of the best in the world. I have been travelling for a while here, and it has been an amazing experience. I’ve been collecting a few art items on the go and hope to add them to my collection back home.”