Imran & Kangana stay at a Hostel in Pune

Imran & Kangana stay at a Hostel in Pune

Nikhil Adhavni’s Katti Batti is definitely creating immense buzz around it recently released trailer. The film, which is based on the concept of Live In relationship is hugely tracking amongst the youth.

However, what many don’t know is the during the shoot of the film, the cast has had some crazy experiences! One of which is, Imran & Kangana actually stayed at a co-hostel while the shoot of the film was on.

The cast and crew who were shooting in Pune at a college named Flames, also had a hostel in the campus. In fact, this is the first movie that the college authorities even allowed to shoot at their campus. Eventually Imran & Kangana even decided to stay at the same hostel with other college students. The entire experience was definitely different for both actors and they even enjoyed the stay unlike being put up at a hotel. This exercise even helped both the actors to get more close to their on screen characters.

The film has also released special promos featuring Imran & Kanagana which is being hugely liked by the audiences and is being widely circulated across social media platforms.

Spokesperson confirms the news and adds, “The cast stayed at the hotel for almost 4 months while the film was being shot, it was one of its kind of an experience”.