I’m more interested to know why people commit crime- Actress Jessica Biel

I’m more interested to know why people commit crime- Actress Jessica Biel

Sony Picture’s film Total Recall will be releasing on August 3 worldwide. In this film Actress Jessica Biel will be playing one of the lead roles of character Melina. Jessica who started her film career at the age of 14 has worked in many films. Her prominent films being The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blade: Trinity, I’ll be home for Christmas, Summer catch, The Rules of attraction, Valentine’s day, New years eve etc. She became a household name for her character of Mary Camden she played in the drama series 7th Heaven.


Jessica is back in the news for her role in Len Wiseman’s directorial venture Total Recall. The film is produced by Toby Jaffe and Neal Moritz. The film is the remake of the original Total Recall made in 1990.The film is based on the writer Philip K Dick’s short story “We can remember it for you wholesale” and stars actor Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale alongside Jessica Biel in the lead roles. Talking about her character of Melina, Jessica says, “The character of Melina in this film is quite different from the original film. Len Wiseman and his team have made a lot of difference with this film. To compare the character between both the films is very difficult. Rachel Ticotin has done a fabulous job with the character of Melina she portrayed in the original Total Recall.”

 How did the movie happen for her?  To which she says, “When I heard about the film and read the script I felt this film will be quite different from the original and only reading the script gave me a thrill! Original film used more of computer generated imagery. And though the story of the film remains the same but the way it is presented, differs. When audience will watch the film they will be as thrilled. Len has done a good job with its filming and direction. World is aware that Len has a Midas touch when it comes to action films. His previous films Underworld, Live free or Die hard were a huge success!”

Talking about her stunt scenes Jessica says, “While doing the action scenes you do hurt yourself a little, it’s no big deal. But while doing an action scene with Kate nothing much happened may be our stars were lucky. I have done all my stunt scenes whatever was required of me to do. But there are some scenes which have been performed for by Janene Carleton. She has been a stunt woman for me in this film and I got to learn a lot from her as well.” Jessica loves doing action scenes, she says, “When you do these scenes you put your entire body to use which I don’t get to do on everyday basis. I absolutely loved doing the action scenes and I got to learn martial arts as well.”

If she had a chance to get a dream memory implanted from Rekall, what particular memory would she want? “I always wanted to be a secret agent or a CIA operative. I am amongst those who watch the TV series “48 Hours”. I’m more interested to know why people commit crimes. What is the real reason behind it?”

Happy about the character of Melina, Jessica beams, “My character is the heart of the film. When Melina meets Quaid she honestly tells him all reality but he doesn’t believe her. She helps Quaid at the time when the world has turned its back to him.”

Post Total Recall, Jessica will be seen in the films like “The Tall man” and sports comedy “Playing the field”.