‘I would love to get Married’ reveals Ranbir to Sid K on Oye 104.8FM

‘I would love to get Married’ reveals Ranbir to Sid K on Oye 104.8FM


New Delhi ,Oye! 104.8 FM Sabse Filmi, recently had Ranbir Kapoor the star of the latest hit Barfi! Speaking out on celebrated host Siddharth Kannan’s show Oye! Talkies. Ranbir revealed on the show, ‘I always think that I will get true love in my life, I hope I can really find that person soon with whom I can live my whole life’. When Sid K further asked him that is Ranbir ready to settle down at this stage in his life, Ranbir said ‘If I meet the right person, I would love to get married!’

Sid found it very cute when he heard that Ranbir had actually tattooed his mother’s name, Ranbir replied that when he saw Priyanka’s tattoo which read Daddy’s lil girl, he felt left out so he wrote Mumma’s big boy with a pen. When Sid asked him why with a pen, Ranbir who was at his wittiest best said ‘Since I get linked everyday, I might as well keep changing the name of the girls with a pen than a permanent Tattoo.’

Sid told Ranbir that alot of  people get jealous that he gets so much attention from the opposite sex, Ranbir said ‘I get the attention because Sid K, you are busy working very hard. That’s why before sleeping every night I say Thank you God, Thank you Siddharth !’

Ranbir then showed his really soft side and confided in Sid K saying ‘Whenever I’m with my niece, I always show her my videos and scenes online, because I want her to get used to me and only like me as her favorite actor! I would feel really hurt, if she grew up and  took some one else’s name as her favorite actor other than mine.’

It is a known fact that Ranbir is very fond of Sid K and gets along with him like a house on fire. The ‘Bromance’ between them continued with checking out each other’s fitness and muscles!

There’s no doubt that Sid K and Oye! 104.8 FM Sabse Filmi sure know how to make Bollywood talk.