I love to be called an action star says Kate Beckinsale

I love to be called an action star says

Kate Beckinsale

The 5 feet 7 inch tall actress Kate Beckinsale is always in the news for her films and her personality. This time around she is back in the limelight for her film “Total Recall” of Sony Pictures in which she is playing the character of Lori. The film which releases worldwide on 3rd August also stars Actor Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel alongside Kate in the lead roles. Producer Toby Jaffe and Neal Moritz’s this film is directed by Len Wiseman.

In Total Recall, Kate plays a negative character for the first time. Sharing her experience she says, “I have played the character of Quaid’s wife Lori. If at one point of time she is a loving wife in the next minute she is a ruthless murderer. I have never played a dark character like this one which is a major reason why I have worked in this film”   

Kate has mostly worked in action films but why is it that she prefers action over romance and drama? To which Kate replies, “I was 17 when I started acting. I have always been independent woman and I do not like to portray the character of a weak, meek woman. I love doing action films for that reason and I love to be called an action star!”

In the original Total Recall which was released in 1990 the character of Lori was played by actress Sharon Stone. So while playing this role did she face any sort of pressure? “Oh no!” she says, “I have seen the original Total Recall, I like it very much and Sharon Stone’s performance is indeed commendable. But I did not feel any sort of pressure as such.”

The film Total Recall is directed by Kate’s husband Len Wiseman. The couple has worked together as the director and the actor in the movies of Underworld Series. “I and Len have worked together in the film Underworld’s series and all these films have been a success. We do not face any sorts of problems when working together. During the shooting, on sets we both work as a director and an actor and once its pack up we are husband and wife!”

Kate plays a lead alongside two other stars – Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel- so did she face any problem? To which she says, “No there weren’t any problems. We played our parts and had fun. Both of them – Colin and Jessica – are fun to work with.”

Before the film Total Recall, Kate has done TV serials and other genre films apart from the action films for which she is well-known. Kate started her film career with Kenneth Branagh’s “Much ado for about nothing”. After she got noticed in this film she did films like Cold comfort farm, The last days of disco, Brokedown Palace, Haunted, Pearl Harbor, Tiptoes, Laurel Canyon, Van Helsing, Underworld series, Click, Snow angels etc. Kate has not only done serious action packed films but has also done a political drama based film “Nothing but the truth” and was also seen in rib tickling comedy “Everybody’s fine”