I enjoy reading Biographies of artistic and creative people : Farhan Akhtar

I enjoy reading Biographies of artistic and creative people : Farhan Akhtar

FarhaN Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar who is a renowned writer and film maker in addition to an actor-singer enjoys reading! The actor who began his career with writing likes spending time with reading materials. Known to be a socially aware citizen, Farhan believes in expanding his knowledge. He takes up reading and gaining knowledge. He reads a lot of biographies and autobiographies to gain motivation.
Farhan shares, “I am currently reading ‘Something like an autobiography. It’s about the director Akira Kurosawa, his memories of his childhood and of his life. I do enjoy reading Biographies and especially
of artistic people and creative people.” The actor is touted to be a perfect mix of art and creatives with Farhan timely giving his audience a glimpse of his talents with his film making, acting and singing skills.
Farhan is currently juggling between the two roles while shooting for his upcoming film Rock On 2, where he is to act and sing.