I can win BIG BOSS this season………future predictor ATLANTA KAASHHYAP.

I can win BIG BOSS this season………future predictor ATLANTA KAASHHYAP.

Is it possible that a 21year old model Atlanta Kaashhyap is a future predictor? Hard to believe but yes it is true if she says something, it always comes true. Now she is challenging to the makers of Big Boss, that if she gets a chance to participate in this season, she will hit the jackpot…..

When we had an opportunity to meet this beautiful and gorgeous future predictor her living style and appearance was totally different from others. We met Atlanta at her residence she seemed to be living in fairy tale world, her eyes seems to speak a lot. Regarding her journey from model to future predictor, she says that when she was in age of 13, her friends used to tease her by calling her ‘kali zaban’ which means black tongue as whatever she used to say it used to come true, and because of this she lost many good friends as they were scared as if she says something bad that also would come out as true, which resulted in her going into a lot of depression.

She herself was so much surprised as she was unaware of this god gifted talent of future prediction. To come out of her depression she started meeting many religious people saints, sanyasi & mahagurus to find out the reason behind her kundali secret? In this process she learnt many things specially about the importance of Kundali in a person’s life. She says that till now she is learning a lot, according to her there are a lot of unknown facts & mysteries of human life which she is still trying to learn.

When asked about her prediction on world cup 20-20 which came perfectly true as the situation of the match during that time was very tough and unflexible, she says whatever is bound to happen she says that, further she confesses that she is only the medium of god, because it is a popular phrase ‘wahi hota hai jo manzure khuda hota hai’, if you believe in god with pure heart, one day you can win this whole world she adds.

Atlanta says that since childhood she had a soft corner for poor people and she was into donating things like her pocket money, clothes, chocolates and other things, nowadays she is inspired by Salman Khan who is known for his sympathy towards needy people, many people criticize him by saying that he does it for publicity sake, so why not people should know about Salman’s good work and nature, why one should criticize him instead of praising?

When asked that what is the reason behind her prediction coming true? She replies that she don’t know, many astrologers also have made predictions on her reading as she keep on getting mails from all over the world, recently she got so many mails from famous astrologers who predicted her sign, name, kundli and want to meet her.

What is her latest future prediction? Atlanta replied “I will say about myself because I don’t want to target anybody, so I want to say only one thing that if I get an opportunity to enter in this season of Big Boss, it is my challenge that I will surely win, this is my future prediction about myself and the full money that I will get will be donated to poor people”.

Atlanta says that she doesn’t want to force any one, but people should know about their astrologic issues.