“I broke the law all the time” says Milla Jovovich

“I broke the law all the time” says Milla Jovovich


During our school days amongst the many teachings given, the basics taught us abstinence from cheating. But innocent mischievous minds hardly understand such morals, the morals that develop you as a person.

The Resident Evil actress Milla Jovovich got candid as she revealed to the scribblers that over looking such morals she had been stealing credit cards as a part of fun for which she was also arrested!

The actress would skip paying fares on the buses and broke law all the time, she said.”I thought I was a bad girl when I was a kid. We broke the law all the time, getting onto buses without paying. We’d find wallets and use the credit cards on the weekends, then get arrested for it. I’m so stupid we actually got caught. Also, writing on walls – my name was Rile,” she said.

Sharing yet another memory she says she had also stolen tea set from a hotel. “We got four cups and saucers, a sugar pot, a pot for cream and the only thing we didn’t get was the teapot. This was all on different trips. But because we stole it, it’s all broken,” laughs Milla.

Now years later the same girl is seen butt-kicking the goons and rescuing human race from the attack of a dreadful virus that will harm the race. The power pack action performances of Milla will be out for the audience viewing when the fifth installment in the Resident evil franchise releases in India on 28th September. The Sony Pictures film “Resident Evil-Retribution” releases in 3D in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.